Season two of CB Fest, featuring online premieres of award-winning shorts from around the world, is proud to present its second release: In Other Words (Israel, 2016), a captivating short that explores the limitations of language and the fleeting nature of memory.

Director Tal Kantor tells the story of a man recalling a past attempt to reconnect with his estranged daughter. He stands motionless in an airport silently reflecting on how words alone will never bridge the gap that has been wedged between them.

Kantor’s experimental approach mixes rotoscoping with drawn techniques. The film was made as a graduation project at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Each scene fuses live-action cinematography with hand-drawn strokes, which makes the short itself feel like a distant memory. Kantor masterfully leaves out the big picture, focusing on particular elements to get her points across, a testament to her keen attention to detail.

To view more of Tal Kantor’s animations or artwork, visit her website. If you liked the film, remember to share it on Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

"In Other Words." "In Other Words." "In Other Words." "In Other Words."
"In Other Words." "In Other Words."
Danny Paez

Danny Paez

Danny Paez is a New York-based writer studying journalism and political science at New York University. He has been a contributing writer for CNBC and Milk Studios and hopes to one day become a foreign correspondent.

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