Today, the second season of CB Fest passes its halfway mark with the world premiere of Lights (Spain, 2017), a metaphorical work that depicts how life’s many demands and pressures can mold us into a different person as we grow older.

Italian director Alessandro Novelli revolves the story around a silent adventurer who is floating through space until he stumbles across a house. At first the main character can barely fit in the room, but before you know, he’s completely adapted himself to the surrounding environment, and perhaps left behind a part of his true self in the process.

Novelli’s ethereal style resembles hieroglyphs drawn on a chalkboard, which lends itself perfectly to symbolism. Elements like the clothes the character puts on, to the ever-present buzzing of a mobile phone represent the forces that change us in the world we live.

To see more of Novelli’s works visit his studio’s website. If you enjoy independent animation from up-and-coming filmmakers and want to ensure that we can share more of it, please help spread these films far and wide, through Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

"Lights" by Alessandro Novelli.
"Lights" by Alessandro Novelli.
"Lights" by Alessandro Novelli.
"Lights" by Alessandro Novelli. "Lights" by Alessandro Novelli. "Lights" by Alessandro Novelli. "Lights" by Alessandro Novelli.

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Danny Paez

Danny Paez

Danny Paez is a New York-based writer studying journalism and political science at New York University. He has been a contributing writer for CNBC and Milk Studios and hopes to one day become a foreign correspondent.

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