The keyword in computer animation nowadays is “fun.” More and more artists appear to be exploring the possibilities of cartoon-inspired design and movement in CGI. A recent effort in this direction is Rob ‘n Ron directed by Magnus Igland Møller and Peter Smith of the up-and-coming Danish animation studio Tumblehead.

The unlikely combination of real sets—yes, they’re handmade—combined with the Cartoon Modern-esque character designs is immediately compelling. Achieving humorous computer animation with these type of design choices isn’t an easy assignment, but the creators of Rob ‘n Ron handled the challenge with ease.

Their creative solutions to movement can be seen in this rigging demo, which is almost as much fun to watch as the short itself:

Directors: Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith
Script and Storyboard: Mads Juul
Backgrounds: Eva Lee Wallberg, Christian Bøving Anderson, Andreas Husballe
Animation: Eva Lee Wallberg, Christian Bøving Anderson, Lars Ellingbø, Peter Smith
Compositing: Lars Ellingbø
Pipeline: Soren Berg Nørbaek
Music and Sound: Thomas Richard Christensen, Peter Smith,
Jody Ann Ghani, Sia Søndergaard

(Thanks, Erik Barkman, via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook group)