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Viral sensation Lackadaisy has finished a recent crowdfunding campaign having raised an incredible $2 million that will be used to create a five-episode season of the property. Not bad considering the show’s producer Iron Circus Animation had only set an original goal of $125,000 to produce a single episode.

As we previously reported, when the campaign hit $1 million, that one-episode order jumped to five. When the campaign reached $1.5M, Iron Circus Animation promised to produce three Lackadaisy mini-episodes on top of the five full episodes.

Lackadaisy is based on the Prohibition-era webcomic of the same name by Tracy Butler. Its pilot was directed by Fable Siegel, who spoke with us in April about the work required to adapt the original comic, aesthetic choices made during development and production, and the balancing act required when animating anthropomorphic felines.

Now, with the completion of the campaign’s final stretch goal, Iron Circus Animation will press a run of Blu-rays and commission additional plush toys for the entire Lackadaisy primary cast including Mitzi, Serafine, Nico, Viktor, Wick, and Zib. The Blu-ray will include season one of Lackidaisy, the three mini-episodes, the original pilot, and a creator commentary track.

The Lackadaisy crowdfunding campaign has been one for the history books. Six hours after it was launched on July 25, commitments had surpassed $300,000. After less than a week, the campaign passed the million-dollar milestone. Now, in just over a month, Lackadaisy completed its campaign with $2,008,728 from 16,053 backers.

Upon the completion of the campaign, Butler told us:

I’m just bowled over by the outpouring of support for this project. I’m speechless, really, but I at least I can type! I worked on Lackadaisy as a comic for years in relative isolation, with a modestly sized but steady and true audience. That last part made all the difference. I’m so grateful to the people who saw something special in the comic then, because they made it possible to springboard into funding a pilot. Now we’ve advanced to making a full animated first season! Lackadaisy’s steadfast supporters, Fable’s incredible directorial and animation skills, and Spike, with the business sensibilities and creative ambitions to match, proved to be the exact right cocktail of superpowers for getting us to this place.

Siegel added:

I’m utterly overwhelmed. Our crew worked their butts off for three years during a time of historical upheaval and – despite everything tossed at us – pulled through with an incredible pilot. I’m so incredibly proud of them and what they’ve accomplished and they’ve been my guiding stars throughout all this chaos. The support from our audience means I can ensure they continue to benefit from that amazing effort. Thank you Lackacrew for making it happen.

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.

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