Disney's Ice Age Disney's Ice Age

What is the appropriate amount of time to wait before promoting the work of a studio that you destroyed?

The answer, if you’re Disney, is about six months.

Blue Sky Studios became a subsidiary of the Mouse in 2019, following Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets. In April of this year, Disney officially shuttered the Greenwich, Connecticut-based Blue Sky, just a couple months after the closure was first announced.

This week, Disney started posting characters from Blue Sky’s flagship franchise, Ice Age, across its social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

It’s a subtle reminder that they not only own the characters, but they’ll soon be releasing a new Ice Age feature on Disney+ – without Blue Sky’s involvement, of course. A teaser for the upcoming Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild is expected to be presented at Disney’s Investor Day event in November.

Blue Sky fans, however, still haven’t forgiven Disney for its unceremonious shutdown of Blue Sky, not to mention the cancellation of one of the studio’s most ambitious projects, Nimona, which was well into production at the time of studio closure. Here’s a sampling of how people are reacting to Disney’s promotion of Ice Age:

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