The Bancroft brothers – that is, twins Tom and Tony Bancroft – have published the 100th episode of their invaluable Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast.

For the 100th episode, they interviewed Disney animation legend (and one of their mentors) Mark Henn in a live show via Skype, presented for animation classes at Lipsomb in Tennessee and Azusa-Pacific in California, where each brother teaches.

Tom and Tony’s podcast is unique, not just for the consistently high caliber of guests they have on the show, but also because both of them are professional animators, having worked on numerous contemporary Disney classics including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Tarzan, as well as many other projects in their post-Disney careers. (Tony was also the co-director of Mulan.)

“It was almost four years ago when Tom and I started the podcast after we realized that most of our phone conversations were about the animation industry and people we looked up to,” Tony Bancroft tells Cartoon Brew. “We thought, ‘If we could just open a mic, we’d have a podcast! Let’s do it!’ Our goal for the podcast has always been to give back to the next generation all that we have learned and experienced in our 30-year animation careers by entertaining, educating, and inspiring.”

No one is keeping track of animation podcast histories, but it’s a fair bet that the Bancroft brothers have created the most episodes of any animation industry podcast to date. You can start listening to the Bancroft brothers podcasts — they’re all free — on the podcast’s site.

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