Tony Zhou’s filmmaking essay series Every Frame A Painting takes a trip into the wondrous, disciplined mind of legendary animation director Chuck Jones, with informative results for those who have already been there and those who have not.

Chuck Jones: The Evolution of an Artist breaks down the famed animator’s philosophy, technique, and legend in just under 9 minutes, providing fresh insights to both makers and viewers of animated films. It also happens to be stocked with enough gag reels from Looney Tunes classics that it could successfully screen as a mash-up of Jones’s greatest hits.

Zhou’s short lesson plan also compiles testimonials from storytelling wizards like Matt Groening and Steven Spielberg, so even pop culture geeks might walk away having seen something or heard something new. All of these sources point to Jones’s mastery of timing, expectation, and character, which moved closer into focus as his patient style grew in prominence at the studio.

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It’s a more accessible and light-hearted analysis than Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood, and a fun refresher that shows how Jones’s detailed study of the Real World made him a powerful–and lasting–influence in animation.

Zhou creates his excellent online series entirely through viewer support on Patreon. If you want to encourage his efforts, as well as receive annotated versions of each release, pledges can be made starting at $1 per video.


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