Earlier this year, game engine developer Unity Technologies showcased its real-time-rendered short film called Adam, which was created with their Unity engine.

Watch the film below:

The demo project received high praise for its photorealistic robots and environments. Now, numerous assets, effects, and an executable version of Adam are available to download.

What does this mean? Firstly, the rigged characters used in the short can now be used by animators for educational purposes. The models, which come with sample animation, are more complex than typical free rigs that can be found online, and even come with rigged versions of clothes that are simulated in real time by Unity physics.

Full packages of the environments are also available that allow the user to examine how they were created and re-use the demo’s custom lighting and volumetrics in personal projects. The downloads include art assets, volumetric fog, real-time area lights, planar reflections, and post-processing effects.

Finally, with the executable demo, you can play back the film, move the camera around, and change light sources—in real time. Although the licensing agreement for most of the downloads does not allow commercial use, these assets will be useful to anyone who wants to break down a professional animation production and practice cg craft with high-end assets.

Head over to Unity’s blog to download the executable demo and assets.

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