Marcel The Shell With Shoes On Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

A critical and audience hit at its Telluride premiere and SXSW screening, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is now scheduled for theatrical release by A24. The hybrid stop-motion/live-action film launches in the U.S. June 24.

Adapted from Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate’s series of viral shorts that have collected more than 50 million views on Youtube since debuting in 2010, the feature has received glowing reviews from its early festival appearances.

Marcel’s big screen debut plays like a documentary, turning on the inch-high shell who lives with its grandma Connie (Isabella Rossellini) and a pet piece of lint named Alan. In the trailer we are introduced to the trio with an abbreviated history of how the two shells came to live their solitary lifestyle.

Content but not necessarily happy with their isolation, Marcel sets out and find a community for Connie and himself with the help of a guest who rents the AirB&B in which the two live. As Marcel expands his search, he finds help in all sorts of unexpected places, eventually even meeting his tv idol, 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl.

Produced by Cinereach Production, Kirsten Lepore was animation director with Stephen Chiodo as supervising animation director and Edward Chiodo as animation producer.

Fleischer-Camp directed the feature adaptation from a script he wrote with Slate and Emmy-winning producer-director Nick Paley, based on a story the trio wrote with Elisabeth Holm, a producer on the film.

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