The Annecy International Animated Film Festival has announced the first short film competition lineups for its 2019 edition, which runs June 10 – 15.

A total of 80 films were announced. These selection form the main Short Film Competition (40 films), the Off-Limits Short Films in Competition (8 films), the Perspectives Short Films in Competition (23 films), and the Young Audiences Short Films in Competition (9 films).

The selections were made by Marcel Jean, the festival’s artistic director, films & programming, along with Laurent Million, Yves Nougarède, Sébastien Sperer, and Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme.

According to Annecy’s official site, 45% of the films announced thus far were directed or co-directed by women, which the festival notes as the second-highest percentage of women directed shorts in competition in its history. Fifteen shorts across the unveiled sections are from Asia, which is record number for the region. Also worth noting is the presence of countries like Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Singapore, and Iran among the chosen projects.

More details regarding other competition programs at the festival, including feature films, will be announced soon. Here is the list of competition titles announced to date:

Short Films in Competition
  • Acid Rain, Tomasz POPAKUL (Poland)
  • Bavure, Donato SANSONE (France)
  • Bridge, Di LIU (China)
  • Briljantsuse Demonstratsioon Neljas Vaatuses, Lucija MRZLJAK & Morten TSINAKOV (Croatia, Estonia)
  • Deszcz, Piotr MILCZAREK (Poland)
  • Elu24, Kristjan HOLM (Estonia)
  • Flut, Malte STEIN (Germany)
  • Girl in the Hallway, Valerie BARNHART (Canada)
  • Gun Shop, Patrick SMITH (USA)
  • Hideouser and Hideouser, Aria COVAMONAS (Mexico)
  • Intermission Expedition, Wiep TEEUWISSE (Netherlands)
  • Je sors acheter des cigarettes, Osman CERFON (France)
  • Kids, Michael FREI (Switzerland)
  • Kohannia, Nykyta LYSKOV (Ukraine)
  • Le Cortège, Pascal BLANCHET & Rodolphe SAINT-GELAIS (Canada)
  • Le Mans 1955, Quentin BAILLIEUX (France)
  • Live a Little, Jenny JOKELA (Germany, United Kingdom)
  • Lola, the Living Potato, Leonid SHMELKOV (France, Russia)
  • Mémorable, Bruno COLLET (France)
  • MIMI, Lisa FUKAYA (Denmark)
  • Movements, Dahee JEONG (South Korea)
  • My Generation, Ludovic HOUPLAIN (France)
  • Nuit chérie, Lia BERTELS (Belgium)
  • Per Aspera Ad Astra, Franck DION (France)
  • Per tutta la vita, Roberto CATANI (France, Italy)
  • Piat minut do moria, Natalia MIRZOYAN (Russia)
  • Pulsión, Pedro CASAVECCHIA (Argentina)
  • Selfies, Claudius GENTINETTA (Switzerland)
  • Sous la canopée, Bastien DUPRIEZ (France)
  • Story, Jolanta BANKOWSKA (Poland)
  • Symbiosis, Nadja ANDRASEV (France, Hungary)
  • Têtard, Jean-Claude ROZEC(France)
  • The Dawn of Ape, Mirai MIZUE (Japan)
  • The Elephant’s Song, Lynn TOMLINSON (USA)
  • The Flood Is Coming, Gabriel BÖHMER (United Kingdom)
  • The Juggler, Skirmanta JAKAITE (Lithuania, France)
  • The Levers, Boyoung KIM (South Korea, USA)
  • The Six, Xi CHEN, Xu AN (China)
  • Tio Tomas, Regina PESSOA (Canada, France, Portugal)
  • Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves, Chintis LUNDGREN (Croatia, Estonia, France)
Off-Limits Short Films in Competition
  • A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit, Felix DIERICH (Germany)
  • But One Bird Sang Not, Pierre HÉBERT (Canada)
  • Dont Know What, Thomas RENOLDNER (Austria)
  • L’Espace commun, Raphaële BEZIN (France)
  • Leaking Life, Shunsaku HAYASHI (Japan)
  • Matter and Motion, Max HATTLER (Hong Kong)
  • Mustererkenntnis, Thorsten FLEISCH (Germany)
  • Unsettled, Tara KNIGHT (USA)
Perspectives Short Films in Competition
  • Azumah: The Ghanaian Hero, Nii Ofei-Kyei DODOO (Ghana)
  • Bayn Bayn, Dalyah BAKHEET (Saudi Arabia)
  • Chin Up, Joanne SALMON (United Kingdom)
  • Dum Dum (De De Bom), Benjamin HALL & Robin HALL (United Kingdom)
  • Giant Bear, Daniel GIES & Neil CHRISTOPHER (Canada)
  • Gorgam-o-Gale Mibaram, Amir Houshang MOEIN (Iran)
  • Ispod kojeg li su samo kamena ispuzali, Daniel SULJIC (Croatia)
  • Jim Zipper, Alexandre ROY (Canada)
  • Mascot, Dohyung KIM (South Korea)
  • Memorie di Alba, Andrea MARTIGNONI & Maria STEINMETZ (Germany, Italy)
  • Mom’s Clothes, Jordan WONG (USA)
  • Not Your Panda, Tigris ALT. SAKDA (Canada, China)
  • Piece of Meat, Jerrold CHONG & Junxiang HUANG (Singapore)
  • Por ahora un cuento, Carla MELO (Colombia)
  • Red, Ao CHEN (China, United Kingdom)
  • Sangro, Thiago MINAMISAWA & Bruno CASTRO, Guto BR (Brazil)
  • Son of the Sea, Abbas-Mohammad Hossein JALALI YEKTA-AZAM POUR (Iran)
  • Talv Vihmametsas, Anu-Laura TUTTELBERG (Estonia, Lithuania)
  • Tany Mena, Kim YIP TONG (Germany, Mauritius)
  • The Person in Crevice, Tingting LU (China)
  • Udahnut zivot, Ivana BOSNJAK & Thomas JOHNSON (Croatia)
  • Violent Equation, Antonios NTOUSSIAS (Greece)
  • Y así aparecieron los ríos, Miguel ARAOZ CARTAGENA (Peru)
Young Audiences Short Films in Competition
  • Bone Mother, Sylvie TROUVÉ, Dale HAYWARD (Canada)
  • Dobroe serdtse, Evgeniya JIRKOVA (Russia)
  • Grand Loup & Petit Loup, Rémi DURIN (Belgium, France)
  • Le crocodile ne me fait pas peur, Marc RIBA, Anna SOLANAS (Spain)
  • Le Renard et l’Oisille, Samuel GUILLAUME & Frédéric GUILLAUME (Belgium, Switzerland)
  • Mon papi s’est caché, Anne HUYNH (France)
  • Nest, Sonja ROHLEDER (Germany)
  • Sarkan, Martin SMATANA (Czech Republic)
  • The Wheat Keeper, Haitao BAI (China)

(Pictured at top: “Selfies” by Claudius Gentinetta)

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