Open Thread: President Obama

Barack Obama

We couldn’t let the historic events of last night pass without notice on Cartoon Brew. It was a crazy evening for anybody who experienced it, and this morning the entire Internet is talking about it, from Facebook and Twitter status updates to seemingly every blog and website. My personal cab ride home through Brooklyn last night was nothing short of surreal – the entire city was engaged in a spontaneous street celebration with cars honking their horns, cabbies yelling out of their windows, people dancing and shouting in the streets, and an electricity generally reserved for sports championships. We don’t inject off-topic posts into the Brew often, but this is a milestone moment in American history that transcends left-right politics. I know you’re all talking about it at work today and I wanted to create an OPEN THREAD for the animation community (both in the US and abroad) to share with the rest of the world their thoughts, feelings, drawings and artwork about last night’s events, Obama and the elections.