TALKBACK: What are 2010 graduates doing?

Young animator

Here’s a talkback post dedicated to all the students who have graduated from animation schools in 2010. Now that it’s been three to four months since graduation, I’m curious to hear who’s had success finding a job in the animation industry. Would love to hear from students all over about what the job situation is like in your part of the world. And with schools starting up again right now, this year’s juniors and seniors will find your experiences useful to hear too.

Here are some things you could address:

1.) What school did you graduate from and are you looking for full-time work in the industry, freelance work, or are you working on independent projects?

2.) What kind of work in the animation field have you been able to find?

3.) Is the job market what you expected it to be based on what you’d heard in school?

4.) Are you optimistic about the current state of the industry?

We’d appreciate it if only students who have graduated in ’10 would respond to this post.