2013 was a banner year for Cartoon Brew. Our renewed focus on expanding editorial content and hiring new writers pushed the site to its best year of traffic in its ten-year existence.

Numbers matter, of course. Without readers, the site could not exist. Traffic allows us to pay writers, tech people, lawyers, salespeople, and suppliers. But there are many websites that generate the type of random traffic we don’t wish to have. As Cartoon Brew continues to grow, our aim is to attract the right kind of readers: Lovers of the art form who create animation for a living, who study animation with the seriousness that a doctor studies medicine, and who watch animation with the passion of a sports fan rooting their team to victory. In other words…you.

This morning I spent some time browsing through Google Analytics to compile a list of which studios/companies, schools, and countries drove the most traffic to Cartoon Brew during the past year. We’re long overdue on publishing such a report; the last time we did a similar post was in 2010. It’s a simple reminder that Cartoon Brew is not a mass of faceless Internet users, but a distinguished group of readers who represent the diversity and vitality of the animation community in both the U.S. and abroad.

  1. Disney
  2. DreamWorks
  3. Viacom (Nickelodeon)
  4. Blue Sky Studios
  5. Turner (Cartoon Network)
  6. Pixar
  7. Google
  8. Lucasfilm
  9. Studio B Productions
  10. Fotokem
  11. Fox Entertainment Group
  12. Mercury Filmworks
  13. Amazon
  14. Bardel Entertainment
  15. Facebook
  16. Hallmark Cards
  17. NBC Universal
  18. Electronic Arts
  19. Sony North America
  20. Curious Pictures
  21. Weta Digital
  22. Apple
  23. Mattel
  24. Red Rover
  25. Rhythm & Hues Studios
  26. Blizzard Entertainment
  27. Bento Box Animation Studio
  28. Hasbro
  29. Nerd Corps Entertainment
  30. Starz Entertainment (Film Roman)
  31. Jibjab Media
  32. Illumination
  33. Paramount Pictures
  34. Blur Studio
  35. National Film Board of Canada
  36. Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
  37. Zynga Game Network
  38. Yowza Animation
  39. Scholastic Inc.
  40. Rhythm & Hues Studio India
  1. Savavannah College of Art and Design
  2. CalArts
  3. Ringling College of Art and Design
  4. University of Southern California
  5. The Art Institutes International
  6. Sheridan College
  7. School of Visual Arts
  8. Brigham Young University
  9. New York University
  10. San Jose State University
  11. Rochester Institute of Technology
  12. University of California, Los Angeles
  13. California College of the Arts
  14. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  15. Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  16. Stanford University
  17. Loyola Marymount University
  18. Pratt Art Institute
  19. University of Illinois
  20. College for Creative Studies
  21. Cal State Fullerton
  22. Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg
  23. DePaul University
  24. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
  25. University of Missouri

In 2013, we had visitors from 228 countries and territories. Below I’ve listed the top forty countries, as well as the percentage of visitors from the top ten countries. Bear in mind that due to the scale of our traffic, even a fraction of a percent represents a significant amount of readership. For example, Egypt does not appear on the list below—it ranked 43rd—but they still recorded over 12,000 visits in 2013, or more than a thousand visits per month.

  1. US – 57.4%
  2. Canada – 7.1%
  3. UK – 6.7%
  4. Australia – 2.3%
  5. France – 1.9%
  6. Germany – 1.6%
  7. Brazil – 1.4%
  8. India – 1.2%
  9. Mexico – 1.2%
  10. Spain – 1.1%
  11. The Netherlands
  12. Japan
  13. Ireland
  14. Italy
  15. Philippines
  16. Singapore
  17. Sweden
  18. Argentina
  19. Russia
  20. Pakistan
  21. New Zealand
  22. Malaysia
  23. Belgium
  24. Indonesia
  25. Denmark
  26. Poland
  27. Norway
  28. Israel
  29. South Korea
  30. Finland
  31. Chile
  32. Colombia
  33. Turkey
  34. South Africa
  35. Portugal
  36. Thailand
  37. Hungary
  38. Switzerland
  39. Taiwan
  40. Romania

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