Tehran, Iran-based Hoorakhsh Studio has completed a music video for King Raam’s new song “Pegasus.” Watch it below:

King Raam approached Hoorakhsh to create “Pegasus” after seeing the studio’s music video “If You Go Away” (Rebeat remix), which screened this year in competition at Annecy and as part of SIGGRAPH’s Computer Animation Festival. “Pegasus,” directed by studio founder Ashkan Rahgozar, was produced in a month-and-a-half using a combination of Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and Maya.

Telling the story of an individual whose life in a stifled society results in a violent outburst, the film’s imagery alludes to Katsuhiro Otomo’s pivotal anime Akira. There’s a strong anime influence in some of Hoorakhsh’s other work too; their earlier video “If You Go Away” was a self-professed tribute to Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell.

The studio is currently working on its feature debut, the action-adventure historical epic The Last Fiction, for which it released a teaser trailer last year.

Here are the artist credits for the video “Pegasus”:

Writer & director: Ashkan Rahgozar
Concept artist: Esfandiar Haji-Asadollah
Animation supervisor: Esfandiar Haji-Asadollah, Babak Arjmand, Reyhaneh Mirhashemi, Hamed Shamloo
Technical director: Alireza Malmiri
Cleanup and color supervisor: Mahshad Monaghash-Sanati
Cleanup and color: Afagh khoshnevis, Ali Honarpour, Amir Hossein Niroumand, Anita Ferdowsi, Arezou Pishgahi, Dorsa Seifi-Kabir, Elham Sadeghi, Fargol Ghadimi, Fateme Amini, Hadi Pezeshki, Hajar Abdi, Hesamedin Mokhber, Mahshad Monaghash-Sanati, Masoud Moradi, Noushin Ghazi-Zahedi, Setareh Shojai
Key animators: Ali Fardpour, Ali Honarpour, Amir Kazemi, Anita Ferdowsi, Babak Arjmand, Esfandiar Haji-Asadollah, Faezeh Sepehr-Sadeghian, Hamed Shamloo, Leila Salehi, Mohammad Javad Rostami, Mohammad Reza Hashemizadeh, Niloufar Behboud, Parvin Paidar, Peyman Chinichian, Reyhaneh Mirhashemi, Siavash Hashemzadeh
Inbetweeners: Ali Fardpour, Ali Honarpour,Amir Hossein Niroumand, Anita Ferdowsi, Babak Arjmand, Baran Sedighian, Derafsh Rastgard, Fateme Amini, Hesamedin Mokhber, Houman Roudbari, Leila Salehi, Mahshad Monaghash-Sanati, Mohammad Reza Hashemizadeh, Negar Jamali, Negin Khajehiee, Niloufar Behboud, Peyman Chinichian, Reyhaneh Mirhashemi, Siavash Hashemzadeh, Shohreh Hadipour, Shohre Siahpoush, Yasaman Hosseini
Light & Shadow animators: Ali Honarpour, Amir Kazemi, Babak Arjmand, Baran Sedighian, Elham Sadeghian, Esfandiar Haji-Asadollah, Marzieh Erfan-Manesh, Masoud Moradi, Mohammad Javad Rostami, Reyhaneh Mirhashemi, Siavash Hashemzadeh
Effects animators: Amir Kazemi, Hesamedinedin Mokhber
Background artist: Shiva Golmohammadi
3D modelers: Hatef Mirdamadi/ Mohammad Hosein Attaran
3D animators: Mehrnaz Abdolahinia
Assistant Director: Esfandiar Haji-Asadollah
Composite & Color correction: Goli Sharif-Bakhtiar/ Negar Sadri
Graphic designer: Mohsen Listi
Storyboard artist & character designer: Esfandiar Haji-Asadollah
Editor: Ashkan Rahgozar

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