“Second Song” by Michael Please “Second Song” by Michael Please
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“Second Song” by Michael Please

Striking mixture of stop motion imagery and experimental techniques in “Second Song,” a music video for TV On The Radio. The director is Michael Please whose Royal College of Art graduation short The Eagleman Stag was awarded a “special distinction for student film” at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival this weekend. The short also won the BAFTA earlier this year.

Video credits after the jump.

Director: Michael Please
Producer: Joe Myers
Production Company: Agile Films
DP: Michael Please
Production Designer: Sean Hogan
Model Makers: Immy Webb, Emma Read, Kate Bentley
Additional Model Makers: Rachel Taylor, Heather Kirk, Anna Czerniawska, Yi Hong Ding, Dana Shangery, Alice Rolfe, Joe Park, Sara Wiklund, Xuria Cristobal, Felix Treacy, John Wilkinson, Heather Kirk, Owen Robertson, Jade Kim
Special Effects Support: Nigel Howlett, Steve Hutton
Editor: Michael Please
Compositers: Ed Barrett, Matthew Marsh, Salva Maldonado