“Supreme Sunlight” by Kim Asendorf “Supreme Sunlight” by Kim Asendorf
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“Supreme Sunlight” by Kim Asendorf

The aerospace industry doesn’t seem to do much nowadays in the way of
inspiring people with futuristic space-inspired art, but filmmakers have filled that void by making innovative use of NASA’s archive of public domain images and video. Take for instance Chris Abbas’s Cassini Mission stop motion film or the above music video “Supreme Sunlight” by German artist Kim Asendorf.

The video, which celebrates the awe of space shuttle lift-offs, is an eye-catching experimental piece that teeters on the abstract/representational border. The composition it accompanies is “Foam on the Waves of Space-Time” by a.d.l.r. (aka Nick Morera). Whether Asendorf’s distortions qualify as animation or not, his pixel sorting technique done with Processing has relevance and applications to the progressive animation artist.

Asendorf also created a pixel art generator for the iPhone/iPad called ASDFBMP that makes it easy for artists to create their own generative artwork.

(via Jeff Scher’s Twitter)