Another installment in our semi-regular roundup of interesting, creative and original animated music videos.

“A Lifestory” directed and animated by Nacho Rodriguez (Spain)

Music video for Indoven
Objects and backgrounds by Sara López

“Allaxis” directed by Wasaru (France)

Music video for Kaly Live Dub
Illustrations: Jérémy Couturier, Jébédaï
Car consultant & vectorization: Kurt602
Animation: David Cazeaux, David Decobert, Marion Delannoy, Jean-Philippe Florin

“Herbivore” album trailer designed and animated by Jacob 2-2 and Samuel Rhodes (US)

Album trailer for Jacob 2-2
Photography by Miguel Drake-McLaughlin

“PPSD” directed by Arno Salters (France/UK)

Music video for Burning House
Animation by Joseph Pierce
Choreographed & performed by Olivier Casamayou
Edited by Paul Hardcastle
Produced by Greg Panteix

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