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Kausler’s Cartoon Contest


On Saturday night, Mark Kausler, upon accepting his June Foray Award at the Annie Awards ceremony, threw out a trivia question to the audience. He asked:

What characteristics do Ignatz Mouse from the 1936 Columbia Cartoon, “L’il Ainjil” and the Gremlin from the Bob Clampett 1943 Warner Bros. cartoon, “Falling Hare”, have in common, and who or what is it derived from?

Hint: It’s vocal.
Prize: Matted cel set-up from “It’s The Cat.”UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER! Robert Palmer of San Carlos, Ca. guessed the answer to the trivia question. It is Benny Rubin, originator of the “Yankee Doodle” laugh that both the Gremlin and Ignatz use in their respective cartoons.