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More on Lucasfilm in Singapore

A Brew reader from Singapore writes the following note regarding MY COMMENTS on the new Lucasfilm animation studio in Singapore. I can’t confirm the validity of the info within, but for the sake of discussion, it’s worth posting the email here.

I am SO HAPPY that you saw that George Lucas’ attempt to set up a studio here had nothing to do with artistic conviction. Truth is that one of our businessmen, Sim Wong Hoo, owner of Creative Technology, is a shareholder in Lucas’s THX sound system. He called up the chairman of the Economic Development Board one day, asked him if “he’d like to contact Lucas,” and the Chairman agreed straight away. And that is how it all began.

BTW, there are good graphic novels made by Singaporean artists, like MALINKY ROBOT AND STINKY FISH BLUES. But then again, dude got his work started only via grant from the Xeric Foundation founded by Peter Laird, and was educated at Cambridge in Philosophy and the Rhode Island School of Design…so can you say we MADE him what he was?