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After two months of creativity, the 2022 Animation At Work contest for Cartoon Animator (CTA) has come to a close and the winners have been announced.

“Reallusion would like to thank all of its wonderful sponsors including Xppen, Affinity, Magix, and ASIFA,” the organization said at the conclusion of the contest.

In total, the event received 169 global entries, each with their work-in-progress videos. The event’s five categories included Business & Commercial, Comics & Art, Education, Vertical Shorts, and VLOG & VTuber.

A total of 26 winners from different backgrounds were selected, all with different levels of skill and experience. Additionally, a wide array of styles and topics were created, proving that CTA is streamlined for creative diversity. Several newcomers who were first-time CTA users were even able to use their newly acquired techniques to combine other software pipelines for their submissions.

Here are the first place finishers in each category:

Business & Commercial Animation  — 1st Prize

Songrea Travels TVC by Onome Egba (Nigeria)

Winner Onome Egba shared his thoughts after winning the category:

Cartoon Animator excels at simplifying a lot of complex processes naturally associated with character animation. The rigging tools and animation presets are especially good at helping you get your characters moving in no time. Real-time playback is also something you’ll quickly take for granted when using the software. No ramp previews, pre-render, or 1/4 resolutions are needed to actually see what you’re working on which really helps with iterations.

Judges comments:

Congratulations to Onome Egba! This is a delicate 2D production that all judges immediately pictured seeing as a TV or YouTube ad. The voice acting, characters, and body motions were all well balanced, and we also loved the scene and camera changes. Well done!

Comics & Art Animation — 1st Prize

Godly Princess by Eon De Bruin (South Africa)

Winner Eon De Bruin had the following to say about the win:

I have been working with Cartoon Animator 4 since 2017 and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Today I have my own streaming platform where I create numerous animation shows for kids, and CTA4 is my software of choice because it is so easy to work with, fast to create animations, and integrates well with Clip Studio Paint. I don’t think I will be able to create as many animated shows for my platform if I were to use another software. I love Cartoon Animator!

Judges comments:

Our seasoned CTA user Eon De Bruin impressed us again with his entry and WIP Video. He took a chance to have the 2D princess interact with 3D people – and it all paid off! Congratulations Eon!

Education Animation — 1st Prize

The Secret of Figs by LuckyPlanet (Thailand)

Winner LuckyPlanet said:

Cartoon Animator allows me to produce my animated series more quickly and easily. These animation tools make me feel like an actor myself.

Judges comments:

A 10 out of 10 winning entry for the Education category! We were very impressed with the final quality, and we cannot wait for more educational Cartoon Animator videos created by LuckyPlanet!

Vertical Shorts —  Winners

Guard Duty by Jeremy Fisher (Canada)

Vertical Shorts —  Winners

The Sisters AR by Kirill Klochkov (Russia)

VLOG & VTuber —  Winner

Approaching “Global Warming” What measures can you take? by Hiromi Yamamoto (Japan)

Student Animation —  Winner

The U.S. Declaration Of Independence by Andre Luiz Siqueira Alencar (Brazil)

As the contest ended, Reallusion was also pleased to announce the coming of Cartoon Animator 5. In this forthcoming release, the software maker is fulfilling the groundwork of animation productions and also elevating Cartoon Animators’ unique techniques. In the new version, secondary animations will be automatically created with simple keys, squash-and-stretch motions can be deformed freely, and vector graphics are supported for infinite resolution.

Take a sneak peek at what’s inside Cartoon Animator 5, and click here to see the full list of Animation At Work winners with their respective judges’ comments.

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