One of the most beloved Dr. Seuss titles is coming to Netflix in what, according to some media sources, is anticipated to be the most expensive animated series ever produced by an American studio.

Warner Bros. Animation, in its first partnership with Netflix, will begin production on 13 episodes of Green Eggs and Ham in May for a 2018 premiere. Deadline speculates that the series may cost $5-6 million per episode, which equates to up to $72 million for the entire series—or $1.5 million for every word in the original book. If Deadline’s unconfirmed report is accurate, the cost would be unprecedented for a TV animation series that’s not The Simpsons.

Seuss’s widow, Audrey Geisel, who is in charge of Seuss’s estate and is on the record as saying that the 2003 Cat in the Hat movie would have made Seuss turn in his grave, has given the new project her blessing.

The series will be written by Jared Stern, who provided material for Wreck-It Ralph and The Princess and the Frog and is credited with having contributed the story for The Lego Movie Sequel. Stern is also executive producer alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Jeff Kleeman, Mike Karz, and David Dobkin.

DeGeneres announced the news on Ellen this week.

According to Variety, the deal between Netflix and Warner Bros. took more than a year to figure out due to a lack of an existing deal template between the two companies. Because Netflix wants to make the show available to its customers in the 50+ countries it operates, Warner Bros. will relinquish its international distribution rights, which can be a lucractive profit area for TV producers. Netflix, however, offers a substantial licensing fee upfront to producers, which could serve as an explanation for why the show’s budget is so inflated.

The Ellen announcement was followed by a Netflix press release composed in Seussian rhyme (though in unSeussianly awkward meter):

Issued from Netflix headquarters.
Delivered straight to all reporters.

We’d love to share some happy news
based on the rhymes of Dr. Seuss.
Green Eggs and Ham will become a show
and you’re among the first to know.

In this richly animated production,
a 13-episode introduction,
standoffish inventor (Guy, by name)
and Sam-I-Am of worldwide fame,
embark on a cross-country trip
that tests the limits of their friendship.
As they learn to try new things,
they find out what adventure brings.
Of course they also get to eat
that famous green and tasty treat!

Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content for Netflix
threw her quote into the mix:
“We think this will be a hit
Green Eggs and Ham is a perfect fit
for our growing slate of amazing stories
available exclusively in all Netflix territories.
You can stream it on a phone.
You can stream it on your own.
You can stream it on TV.
You can stream it globally.”

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