A number of animated series have received renewals for second seasons in the past few weeks. Here’s a rundown on the new shows that’ll be coming back for a sophomore round:

  • Cartoon Network has renewed its Powerpuff Girls reboot for a second season that will premiere in the first half of 2017. It’s not clear how many episodes will comprise the second season. The network has performed some sleight of hand with its season renewals recently, and it’s sometimes not even clear to the show creators themselves what a “season” constitutes. The network, however, seems quite pleased with the audience response to Powerpuff, which includes 81 million views across various platforms of its premiere episode in April, making it the most-viewed Cartoon Network launch ever. “The Powerpuff Girls is on a momentous run with its first Emmy nod, a debut appearance at one of the biggest fan events of the year, and now a second season greenlight,” said Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for Cartoon Network. “Congratulations to the Cartoon Network creative teams who have super-powered this property with the perfect amount of Chemical X to bring a hit show for a new generation of fans.”
  • Sony’s online portal Crackle has reupped the stop motion series Supermansion for a second season. Created by Zeb Wells and Matt Senreich, and starring Bryan Cranston, Supermansion is produced by Stoopid Buddy Studios. The new episodes are slated to begin airing in the first half of 2017.

    Here’s a vfx breakdown reel of shots from the first season:

  • Dreamworks Animation and Netflix will unveil a second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender in late-2016. The new season will pick up from the season one finale cliffhanger and “follow Team Voltron in the wake of Haggar’s disruption of their wormhole as they are scattered across the universe.”
  • At Comic-Con yesterday, Comedy Central announced a second season pickup for Legends of Chamberlain Heights. It’s a unique announcement because the first season of the show won’t debut until September 14, following the 20th season premiere of South Park. Ten episodes comprise the first season. The series was co-created by Brad Ableson (The Simpsons, Good Vibes) and a bunch of former UCLA Bruin basketball players: Quinn Hawking (Fox Sports, NFL Network), Josiah Johnson (Showtime, NFL Network), Mike Clements and Michael Starrbury. The showrunner is Devon Shepard (Everybody Hates Chris, Being Mary Jane, House of Lies, Weeds). Bento Box Entertainment is producing the series.

    Per Comedy Central’s description, the “urban” series mixes “raucous comedy and social commentary that centers on three high school freshman basketball benchwarmers: Jamal, Grover, and Milk. The three friends tackle life with some wins and some losses, but failure doesn’t faze them since they’re legends…even if it’s just in their own minds.”

    Here’s the teaser:

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