A round-up of animated series that have been announced for development, production, or distribution.

Cartoon Network: Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, Tig N’ Seek

Growing its original programming slate, Cartoon Network has announced two upcoming series developed through its Artists Program.

Produced by Cartoon Network Studios and L.A.-based Titmouse, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart is an action-comedy created by Parker Simmons. Previously, Simmons worked as a storyboard artist and writer on Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, an animator on Motorcity and Superjail!, and director on DC Super Friends.

Mao Mao follows a samurai cat Sheriff Mao Mao, as he preserves peace and justice in the valley alongside his sidekicks Badgerclops and Adorabat. The first eight episodes of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart will have their digital premiere on June 28 on the CN App and on demand. The series will have its television premiere on July 1 (6:10pm ET/PT), with new episodes releasing throughout the summer.

Another series, Myke Chilian’s Tig N’ Seek (pictured at top), revolves around an eight-year-old detective named Tiggy and his feline partner, Gweeseek. The duo’s daily life involves solving cases at the Department of Lost and Found, an organization in charge of helping citizens find their missing items. Early last year, Cartoon Network released a pilot written and directed by Chilian for the show (watch above), which was then titled Tiggle Winks. Chilian has worked on numerous animation projects, most extensively as a writer and board artist on Cartoon Network’s Uncle Grandpa. Tig N’ Seek is expected to be released next year.

CW Seed: Deathstroke

At a recent upfront presentation in New York, The CW announced development on an animated series based on the DC Comics character Deathstroke to premiere on its digital platform CW Seed. Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons will follow Slade Wilson, an assassin known as Deathstroke. The antihero must face villains such as the Jackal and the criminal organization known as H.I.V.E in order to protect his family.

The latest incarnation of the fan-favorite character comes on the heels of his appearance in last year’s animated feature Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Deathstroke has been popularized by The CW’s own live-action series Arrow, where the character is played by Manu Bennett. No other details about the show’s production or key talent involved have been revealed, but development is headed up by Blue Ribbon Content, the digital arm of Warner Bros. Television Group.

Toonz Media Group and Fauna Entertainment: Briko

Indian production company Toonz Media Group has joined forces with Turkey’s children entertainment company, Fauna Entertainment for a new cg animation/live-action hybrid series titled Briko with an educational premise. The upcoming show will target young children in the four-to-seven age group with the adventures of a curious and creative young boy called Briko, and his partner-in-crime, an energetic rabbit named Hepi. Each episode will see the duo finding a mysterious box that will challenge them and offer the possibility to learn through everyday objects inside. With the items found there, Briko and Hepi will use their imagination to invent and create games, gadgets, and tools by transforming disposed items into remarkable toys. Alongside the animated sequences, Briko will contain live-action tutorials teaching viewers how to physically create the project seen in the series.

Series will be comprised of 52 two-and-a-half minute animation segments, and 52 ten-minute live-action segments. Toonz Media Group will produce the animation, while Fauna will be responsible for script development and live-action content. Ownership of the IP will be shared between the two companies, and production has already started on the series.

Toonz has worldwide distribution rights across all platforms and territories except in Turkey, which will be handled by Fauna. The first trailer for Briko will be available this month, while the first episodes will premiere at MIP Junior and MIPCOM later this this year. Full delivery of the project is expected for late 2020.