A regular round-up of animated series that have been announced for development, production, or distribution.

Youtube Premium: Sherwood

Set in the dystopian future of 2270, Sherwood is a new animated series for Youtube Premium that puts a twist on the Robin Hood legend. The show follows 14-year-old Robin and her friends as they fight against the affluent Upper City seeking justice and equality. Sherwood became available on the platform on Wednesday.

Produced by New Zealand’s Baby Octopus and Toybox, and Ireland’s Giant, the 10-episode series is written by Justin Trefgarne, Craig Martin, and Shea Fontana. Diana Manson and Megan Laughton serve as executive producers. Jan Stebbins and Nanette Miles also serve as producers. Bruce Carter is director and Jonathan Clarke is the animation producer.

Nadine Zylstra, head of learning, Youtube Originals, offered these insights on the show’s creation:

“In this modern telling of Robin Hood, Robin is a girl and she uses technology and code to battle the sheriff of Sherwood. Together with Google’s Computer Science in Media team, we convened an advisory council comprised of thought leaders from organizations across Google. Together we imagined a world of the future and what it meant for design, travel, technology and society. Sherwood is new series set to inspire young women and girls on their role in technology of the future.”

Warnermedia: Gremlins

Warnermedia is reportedly developing an animated series based on the 1980s Gremlins movie franchise for the company’s forthcoming yet-to-be-named streaming service.

According to Variety, which first reported the news, the story will take place in the past and follow a young version of Mr. Wing, the Chinese grandfather originally played by Keye Luke in the films, as he goes on adventures with Mogwai Gizmo.

The series will be co-produced by Warner Bros. Television and Amblin Television. (WB and Amblin also produced the original Gremlins films.) The trade reported the news based on sources since Warner Bros. has not yet made an official announcement as of yet.

Filmmaker Tze Chun is attached to write and executive produce the series. His directing credits include the live-action films Children of Invention and Cold Comes the Night, and he has also been a story editor and writer on Fox’s Gotham and ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Nickelodeon: Corn & Peg 

Produced by Toronto’s Nelvana Studios, Corn & Peg is a new 40×11-minute preschool animated series that debuted Monday on Nickelodeon.

Corn & Peg explores the friendship between Corn, a unicorn, and Peg, a pegasus, best friends who are always eager to do the right thing. The protagonists take inspiration from their superhero idol, Captain Thunderhoof, to help others and make a difference in the equine community of Galloping Grove.

The preschool series follows a “social-emotional curriculum” that focuses on values like empathy and kindness, and has a supplementary academic curriculum emphasizing colors, math, directions, and health and wellness. Nickelodeon will roll out internationally later this year.