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Mike Carlo’s Cartoon Madness

Mike Carlo is an animator at Titmouse’s N.Y. Studio, and the animation director on Superjail. Over the last few years Carlo has been working on a bunch of his own short films, (we posted one of them two years ago, The President of the Universe). Says Carlo:

“Someone from Nick development saw Science Fare a year ago and I’ve been working on pitches for them ever since. I’m always working on another one, I try to do one a year for a show an animator friend of mine throws each year out here in N.Y. It’s called Midsummer Night Toons, and every year 5-6 animators make original shorts and premiere them at the show, so its been great motivation to make something. I hand draw everything, and provide the voices for most of the characters.”

These are very polished, professional cartoons that look as good – and are just as funny – as anything on Adult Swim or Comedy Central. I predict he’ll be running his own show very soon.

  • James

    Surprisingly “Shadow Game” was also pitched at Nickelodeon. Personally, I think his work is more at home on Adult Swim (He’s already part of the Superjail! team).

  • I watched his short “Science Fare” a year ago. His animations are an absolute riot – and they’re pretty darn inspirational to boot.

  • I had the pleasure of watching his collection of shorts a few weeks ago. So funny! I hope the “ohmergard” joke keeps coming back ;)

    But in all seriousness, this man knows how to run a show. I have no idea how he pulls everything he does off. Nick and Adult Swim should get in on the action and fast!

  • First time seeing this from my old class-mates. It rocks you guys rock… Good luck!!

  • James Sugrue

    ALRIGHT, MIKE!!!!! Congrats to you and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next with that crazy mind of yours!

  • Go, Mike! Go!

  • Michel Van

    I hope Mike Carlo gets his own cartoon show.

  • One of the most talented and hard-working in all of the Big App! :)

    He certainly doesn’t need my 2 cents added, but I’m adding it anyway, because Mike rules. ;)

  • Mike Carlo for president 2016.

  • Great work homie, well deserved!
    Always looking forward to your next short…

  • greg condon

    sweet! nice to see Carlo getting some props for all the work he puts into these jams. stuff looks great!

  • Mike Carlo

    You guys are the best! Thanks for the support. Im lucky to know most of you professionally and as friends. I’ll keep making then if you keep watching! !Thanks so much, this is amazing!