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Proof That Oscar Voters Are Clueless About Animation

Imagine a world where the most high-profile animation awards were selected by individuals who had neither working knowledge nor appreciation of the animation art form.

In this world, a voter would pick the best animated short based solely on whether the film contained a dog in it or not.

In this world, a voter would identify the Irish film Song of the Sea and the Japanese film The Tale of The Princess Kaguya as “Chinese fuckin’ things,” not watch either film, and still cast a vote for the best animated feature of the year.

In this world, a voter would give a visual effects award to a film not because the film’s vfx met a certain standard of achievement, but “just to kind of recognize it.”

oscarcontention2013featuresSEE ALSO: Definitive Proof That Academy Voters Are Ignorant About Animation

This is not some bizarro awards universe; it’s the world of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, an organization whose general membership is aggressively indifferent towards animation yet hands out three annual animation-related Oscars.

Whereas the animation community once had to share anecdotal stories about apathetic Academy members, now the membership’s handiwork is on full display thanks to the Hollywood Reporter’s “Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot” series. And when it comes to animation, the series might be more aptly titled Brutally Ignorant Oscar Ballots.

For the second year in a row, Scott Feinberg of the Reporter surveyed seven Academy members about who they voted for, and their selections for the animation and vfx categories are beyond comprehension.

It’s not that the Academy members have a poor rationale for their choices; it’s that they often have no rationale at all for their choices. Like last year’s survey, few of this year’s participants appear to apply any kind of objective criteria to judging the animation categories. Some members even acknowledge that they didn’t view all the films, yet still voted in the animation categories.

In fairness, a seven-person survey, even over two years, is still a tiny sample size for any kind of definitive argument for or against Academy members. However, if you’ve ever pondered how The ChubbChubbs! could possibly win an award for best-anything, much less an Oscar, I think this is as close as you’ll ever get to an answer.

Here’s how the seven Academy members voted in each category, followed by a general description of each Academy member.

Best Animated Feature

Voter #1: If you can call anything a “snub,” this year, it was The Lego Movie, which was one of the best movies of the year. I don’t know what happened there, but it is inconceivable to me. Of the five they did nominate, my favorite is Big Hero 6, which was adorable and original.
MY VOTE: Big Hero 6

Voter #2: Where’s our Finding Nemo this year? It’s not a very great group. I liked Song [of the Sea] and The Tale [of the Princess Kaguya], but I’m voting for [How to Train Your] Dragon [2] because it was superbly entertaining and works on most levels, although its story could be a little better.
MY VOTE: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Voter #3: I never got a chance to watch those screeners. There were so many films to watch and I just had to pick and choose.
MY VOTE: I abstain.

Voter #4: I loved Big Hero 6. Then I saw The Boxtrolls and I thought the animation was great — but the movie didn’t knock me out. I must admit that I have not seen How to Train Your Dragon 2. But I have seen Song of the Sea and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, both of which I loved very much — they were really unique. If I was just voting for animation, I’d have gone with Boxtrolls. But since you have to consider everything, I went with Big Hero 6.
MY VOTE: Big Hero 6

Voter #5: I only watch the ones that my kid wants to see, so I didn’t see [The] Boxtrolls but I saw Big Hero 6 and I saw [How to Train Your] Dragon [2]. We both connected to Big Hero 6 — I just found it to be more satisfying. The biggest snub for me was Chris Miller and Phil Lord not getting in for [The] Lego [Movie]. When a movie is that successful and culturally hits all the right chords and does that kind of box-office — for that movie not to be in over these two obscure freakin’ Chinese fuckin’ things that nobody ever freakin’ saw [an apparent reference to the Japanese film The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, as well as the Irish film Song of the Sea]? That is my biggest bitch. Most people didn’t even know what they were! How does that happen? That, to me, is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
MY VOTE: Big Hero 6

Voter #6: I saw all five. I like to sit down with [the young people in her family] and watch them. We all loved Big Hero 6 and there was no discussion, no argument, no nothing. The kids watched that one three times — what does that tell you?
MY VOTE: Big Hero 6

Voter #7: Frankly, I didn’t see any of them.
MY VOTE: I abstain.

Best Animated Short

Voter #1: MY VOTE: I abstain.

Voter #2: I watched them twice. They were all beautifully made—each one was terrific and I have no complaints. Funnily enough, the weakest was the Disney one [Feast]. But I was so charmed by [The] Dam Keeper.
MY VOTE: The Dam Keeper

Voter #3: I didn’t get around to seeing them.
MY VOTE: I abstain.

Voter #4: I have seen all of these. Feast is absolutely charming and delightful and lovely. But I really, really liked A Single Life.
MY VOTE: A Single Life

Voter #5: I didn’t do any of that.
MY VOTE: I abstain.

Voter #6: I’m a dog lover, so this one was no contest.
MY VOTE: Feast

Voter #7: The clock ran out on me for these.
MY VOTE: I abstain.

Best Visual Effects

Voter #1: I don’t think I should be able to vote for this category either, but I can’t resist another opportunity to support Guardians of the Galaxy. It should get something.
MY VOTE: Guardians of the Galaxy

Voter #2: I give it to the apes! If you can make people believe and care about apes as credible performers, you deserve a lot of points.
MY VOTE: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Voter #3: I went again with Guardians of the Galaxy, just to kind of recognize it.
MY VOTE: Guardians of the Galaxy

Voter #4: I haven’t seen Captain America [: The Winter Soldier] and I haven’t seen X-Men [: Days of Future Past]. Interstellar was okay. Guardians of the Galaxy was fun. But I loved Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
MY VOTE: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Voter #5: I’ve never seen more freakin’ frontrunner ads for VFX — covers, inside, back covers — than I have for Planet of the Apes. I mean, it was relentless. It brought me back to Apollo fuckin’ 13, which took every cover of everything for like three weeks straight. But they did something that was really great, which was to show you the actors performing in stop-motion-capture or whatever side-by-side with what the shot in the film looked like.
MY VOTE: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Voter #6: Out of all of the nominees, I suspect that Guardians of the Galaxy had the least amount of visual effects, but I voted for it anyway because I liked it so much.
MY VOTE: Guardians of the Galaxy

Voter #7: I didn’t vote here. I’m not so much into special effects pictures, you know? That’s the world that we’re in now, but I’m not in that world. I’m interested in character-driven stories.
MY VOTE: I abstain.

Voter Profiles

Voter #1:
A longtime member of the Academy’s 378-member public relations branch. Female. [link]

Voter #2: A longtime member of the Academy’s 387-member short films and feature animation branch who has been nominated for an Oscar. Male. [link]

Voter #3: A member of the Academy’s 386-member writers branch who was nominated for an Oscar within the last decade. Male. [link]

Voter #4: A member of the Academy’s 1,150-member actors branch who accumulated most of his credits in the 1970s. Male. [link]

Voter #5: A member of the Academy’s 428-member sound branch who has been nominated for an Oscar. Male. [link]

Voter #6: A member of the Academy’s 386-member writers branch who has won an Oscar. Female. [link]

Voter #7: A member of the Academy’s 1,150-member actors branch whose first credit came in the 1950s and who has acted in numerous opposite people who received Oscar noms for their performances. Male. [link]

  • JaniceW

    How in the world was Big Hero 6 praised as the original one along the likes of Princess Kaguya and Song of the Sea? Looks like this year will go to Disney (AGAIN.)

    • JoshActionReplay

      Sure looks like it. I liked Big Hero 6, but Kaguya was a masterclass of animated filmaking, and even if Kaguya doesn’t win then my next choice would be Dragon 2 (need to see Song of the Sea still, love me some Tomm Moore and it looks like not even that could have a chance.

  • haxsd

    Voter #5 is ignorant about everything, it seems. Take a look what he said about the documentary category and the foreign film nominees.

    • Dirty Laundry Day

      Yup, this is what animated filmmakers/the studios will have to deal with when they race to suck up to these people.
      Nothing will change unless they boycott the Oscars, and the academy forms an animation specific judging panel…this is shameful.

  • Lewis

    I interviewed a BAFTA member in 2013 who admitted she voted for Brave “because it was Pixar” and didn’t know anything about Paranorman or Frankenweenie because she hadn’t seen them.

  • Rafaella

    I knew they didn’t had any technical knowledge, but to think that it really was nothing but “I liked it” or “My kids liked it” is just ridiculous. One guy even outright admitted that he ignored the actual criteria to vote for the movie he liked best.
    Of course your small kids are gonna prefer the movies aimed at smaller kids. But you’re voting for best animated movie, not cartoon movie that kids like best.

    • Cyberguy64

      Didn’t you know? Cartoons are made for kids and only for kids. Adults who like animation on an aesthetic and technical level? Pfffft. What weirdos.

      • dami365

        Says a guy with a cartoony icon XD But seriously, man, there is a big difference between cartoons and animated films. You comment shows the same level of mediocrity as these voters.

        • Sup

          He was being sarcastic

        • Rippi

          Psss, pretty sure that was sarcasm. Poe’d

        • Lindsey Miller

          I don’t think their has to be a difference between cartoons and animated films. Both can be of equal quality and garner respect if they both hold themselves to higher standards.

          • Zanji Suzunami

            Of course they can be of equal quality, why? Because cartoons ARE animations. -_-

    • Lindsey Miller

      I think its simple since they still don’t take animation as a true artistic medium and still see it as garnered towards children. And even if it is so WHAT? Animation products marketed towards children can garner just as much respect if not more then the films garnered towards adults. As long as it takes its audience seriously and brings quality to the medium it should get the respect it deserves as well.

    • I whole heartedly agree. Mind you I don’t think that the opinion of kids should be disregarded. I think the best animated films are ones that both entertain adults and children. Being smart enough to engage adults but entertaining enough to charm and delight children as well.

      Mind you this could be said about feature films as well, although that aspect is typically forgotten at the awards.

      Regardless it’s clear that there is no thought given to voting on animated films. Which personally to me makes the award pointless and less valuable.

    • Animation_Fan

      I agree and find it disheartening. This stuff never changes. I worked for a video game company (In the 90’s) and we made educational games for kids under 9. Every review was “These games are to easy, a 5 year could do this” I would respond with the game was designed for ages 3 to 5 so that would be perfect. We insisted that kids should review our games but it never happened.
      Kids loved our games.
      We released them to schools and they were the highest rated games/educational tool. The right reviewer for the right film.

  • JoshActionReplay

    My God, this is infuriating, and what’s worse is that if you read the comments for these articles on the Reporter’s website some of these people defend the voters’ ignorance. I swear, I’d just like to go up to these voters, look them right square in the eye and say:

    • Dusty Ayres

      Please be reminded; not everybody’s a fan of anime or movies like Princess Kayuga or Song Of The Sea, and they might take offence at being called brainless.

      • JoshActionReplay

        You are right to a certain extent. It is true that certain people are not fond of those sorts of films, but when it is your job to see 66% of the films (about 13 of the 20 films released) then we’ve got a whole new situation. This is a case of some people being assigned to a job they obviously feel no connection with, and thus approach it either half-heartedly or with negativity. We need to stop including people from branches like the sound and acting branches of the Academy who clearly view themselves greater than animation, and starting concentrating on having a team of voters that is 100% committed and knowledgeable perhaps a team that is made up completely of animators, artists, and former directors in the Animation industry. Perhaps then we will have a higher quality of nominations, and a greater level of knowledge and respect of the medium we all love at the Oscars.

  • theAMIGOunit


  • Stefan Ellison

    Honestly, just looking at how they voted for Best Animated Feature, only Voter #5 struck me as being ignorant. Voters 1, 2, 4 and 6 seemed to make an effort to watch all of them and properly judge their merits. And if 3 and 7 just didn’t get around to them, it was good they didn’t vote rather than blindly pick something (or give their ballot to their children or maid).

    I do think that voting in all categories should be restricted to members of the respective branches, like they do when selecting the nominations. With everyone voting for Best Picture, of course.

    • JoshActionReplay

      But if it’s your job to watch at least 66% of the eligible films, then you should do just that.

    • white vader

      I keep seeing that suggestion and can’t help but think how on earth is THAT going to be any less biased, informed or not?!

  • Fried

    Not surprising, these voters, who are volunteers right? They’re coming in to watch the film nominees for the Oscars, not really the animation ones. Wouldn’t it be smarter to have a knowledgeable group dedicated to each category rather than piling every nominee onto everyone?

  • Arpan Malviya

    Aren’t these leaks speculative and most likely the work of a troll? If thats not the case it explains why Frozen won last year over The Wind Rises

  • Mystery Animator

    Skip past the sensationalistic click bait intro from Amid and read the quotes from the voters. They’re not that far off, especially considering their profiles at the end. I’m surprised they knew so much about the noms. So they’re not animation experts but most of them watched the films and those who didn’t generally did the right thing and abstained. A couple voted based simply on what they liked. Big deal. Sometimes, the point of animation and visual effects is answered by the question: did you like the film? In other words, did it enhance or support the experience? For them, the answer is yes.

    Again, I’m impressed with the awareness, evenly a couple knowing that Lego should have won. It’s hard enough as an animation pro to drag myself to see most animated films as I find they’re mostly terrible and predictable. The awards are not for “best animation.” They are for animated film and short film – the whole enchilada. It’s a filmmaking award and people are going to vote for what they “liked.”

    The biggest problem I see here is that our “industry” doesn’t make films compelling enough to make academy voters (and the public at large) really give a shit.

  • StumbleReel


    Voter#5: I didn’t get around to seeing any of them. You want the truth? I shouldn’t have voted, but I did. This is bad, but here’s the power of advertising: everywhere I looked, I saw pictures of this stupid carcass — whatever the fuck that was — and I thought, “That’s a cool-looking thing.” And I fucking voted for a movie based on the dead whatever it was in the ad thinking that it looked cool. [laughs]

    MY VOTE: Leviathan


    Voter#5: It gets worse, for the same fucking reason. I didn’t see any of the nominees, but goddamnVirunga is running commercials late-night every freaking hour, and those gorillas, man — I was like, “Wow, that looks heavy.” I said, “That looks good,” and I voted for it.

    MY VOTE: Virunga

    … wow.

  • caseytube

    I feel if your job is to judge a set of films, you should be watching every film in the set, and if you don’t you must abstain. The way this voting system works is janked beyond comprehension.

    • fantastyfreak

      Many of the people here are brighter than the dim bulbs inducted into the Oscar voting committee. And what is the with the overuse of expletives? Yes, I curse quite liberally, but not in something professional.

  • Anonymous

    They probably think animation is about selling toys. That’s why The Lego Movie was left out.

    • Video Beagle

      …..That doesnt’ even make sense.

  • ea

    If they loved Lego so much why didn’t they nominate it?

    • Marcos

      Sad to say but, you can expect that in the near future.

  • Krypton Keeper

    “I didn’t really care for it, but my kids liked it” – Academy Voters

  • Krypton Keeper

    God, voter number 5 HAS to be some über nerd who only watches superhero films and other blockbusters. I think he’s Devin Faraci.

    • Dusty Ayres

      Then how come said films didn’t get any Oscar noms?

  • Toonio

    They are not clueless my friends, they are highly biased.

  • Elisa

    I hope, someday, people will realize that animation doesn’t mean is only for kids… It’s for all ages and can have a lot of genres not just comedy/musical…

  • Mermaid Warrior

    … This is just insane. I don’t really know what to say. These are the people they let vote for best film? Surely there are better people.

    • Dusty Ayres

      Unless they change the system and replace volunteers with paid employees that can watch movies all year round, this state of affairs will continue.

  • Adzl33t

    There should be (not that it should been an issue in the first place) watching all the films nominated, if you did not see them all, you can not vote, and your membership get revoked

  • RealaRegula

    So, Feast won Best Animated Short…despite only getting one vote from the Academy. And I see that Interstellar didn’t get mentioned in the Visual Effects votes, and yet it won.

    Wonder if there’s something else going on here as well.

    • Mithent

      This is only a sample of the votes, not all of them.

    • eruantano

      There are thousands of voters in the Academy. This is just a small sample size.

  • Krypton Keeper

    Most OSCAR voters vote for the film that made their kid shut up the most.

    They see no art in animation, it’s only babysitting to them

  • Tim Tran


  • Fried

    Disney has won like, two awards in the past decade. Just because Pixar wins doesn’t mean Disney wins.

    If we’re going to lump the animation studios together just because Disney owns them, then that’s just as ignorant as calling Tale of Princess Kaguya a “chinese fucking thing” even though it was made by a Japanese studio because hey, close enough right?

    • Math

      I can only remember 2 Disney animations in the past decade, not counting Pixar.

    • Mil f

      Pixar was purchase by Disney a few years ago. So Pixar is Disney a win for let’s say brave is a win for Disney

      • fried

        It’s a win for the businessmen but not the artists. You think the artists at Disney celebrated when Brave won going “We did it guy! Congrats!”?

  • Fried

    And now you’ve just discovered the problem with award shows (Or award ceremonies in general) and why the only people who should care about them are the people who win.

    They are more pageantry than anything. This is no different than voting for the popular kid in high school for Prom Queen, not the smartest or nicest or most innovative.

  • Fried

    You realize that many MANY people do in fact write off work because there is just too much to sort through?

    You think people at studios honestly sit down and read every screenplay that is handed to them?

    Just because you are willing to use up all your free time doing a task doesn’t mean people with careers or families are. They’ll do what they can, and it’s still quite a bit. If you limit it to just the animation category, then it doesn’t seem like much at all, but it comes as more striking to you because you are an animation buff. Most people really don’t care outside of this community. And even then, they seem to only care if Ghibli wins.

  • Fried

    There are HUNDREDS of movies TOTAL, it’s not just animation revolving around their world you know.

    Most people here haven’t even seen all 5 films, and we’re the ones these films most appeal to.

  • Fortune

    It doesn’t help that Disney likes to crush any kind of promotion the other films might have had, so that they’re ensured an Oscar. Hence why I think no one has heard of Princess Kaguya or Song of the Sea. They did the same thing with Spirited Away, trying to sweep the film under the radar so that their film could win.

    • anifan

      I don’t think that would’ve been possible for Song of the Sea (and I don’t think Disney even has the rights to Kaguya this time, though perhaps I’m mistaken and that was only for the recent physical release)

      • Chris

        GKids has the rights to both Song and Kaguya.

    • Carla B

      I have never seen a single primo for BH6. No commercials or anything.

    • Dusty Ayres

      I don’t think that Disney crushed the promotion of any of the other films; there was no big release because of the small distributors both Song Of The Sea and The Tale Of Princess Kayuga were attached to.

  • Annoyed

    “I voted for Feast because i like dogs”

    Fucking 1st grade level voting going on here for sure

    • Alexander The 1st

      “I like turtles – why can’t I vote for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

    • Fried

      I actually read it as “I am a dog-lover and when I saw this story through the POV of that visually charismatic Dog, I was emotionally won over through this short journey of relationship.”

      But I guess if you’re cynic enough you can dumb things down to sound worse than they are.

      • BUg

        idk, just because you liked dogs doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t judge the whole thing overall. You could have been emotionally won with any short. “I like dogs” shouldn’t be the only reason why you voted for something. You could like dogs and hate the short too. You could hate dogs but love the short.

        It’s not about the dog, it’s about the SHORT FILM.

  • Can someone explain to my why they can be the judges without actually watching the films? WHY????????? I want to kill someone….

  • Eric McInnis

    No. It’s been over two years. I think it’s best to leave the past behind.

  • Kyle McDaniel

    This goes beyond just pure ignorance, there’ racism involved in this too

  • Fortune

    Thank you! It’s infuriating to see, year after year, Disney win each and every animation Oscar, especially when they don’t deserve it at all (How to Train Your Dragon was heads and tails above Toy Story 3, imo). I always hope that one year, they’ll get it right. One year, they’ll give all the movies a chance and actually pick the best of the best….and then my hopes are dashed upon the rocks as time and again, the ‘safe’ choices are made. What’s popular, what’s a guaranteed hit, what your kids liked.

    • GabzGirl

      D-Disney? Dude don’t you mean Pixar?! Disney has only ever won TWO Oscars, with this being their second one. Pixar has won the category almost EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I’m glad Disney is finally winning something, it means they’ve come back from their Dork Age and are beating Pixar at their own game!

      As for HTTYD1, I sort of agree but Toy Story 3 was a wonderful movie with lots of heart. In fact I like both equally. HTTYD2 on the other hand…it was good, not great.

      • Mil f

        Disney bought Pixar so Pixar is Disney. So an award for Pixar is the same as an award for Disney. So basically Disney has won every award since that category was introduced expect for one I think. HTTYD1 and 2 Should have won. Toy Story 3 was good but not great. The same story from 1, 2 the toys get lost and find a way back to Andy nothing new. HTTYD1 was refreshing, awesome storyline. HTTYD2 was even better it added as a sequel it did noot make it the same as the first

        • fried

          Pixar is as much Disney as Dreamworks Animation is Dreamworks Studios or Sony Animation is the Sony Company.

          They’re still different.

      • Kristine

        But do you really think they would care to know the difference? It seems they don’t care about the films at all.

  • Andre

    It’s the same old bullshit. Cartoons are for kids, yada, yada, yada…. Dammit, I have HATED that all my life!! When the hell is Hollywood EVER going to admit that animation is an art form and not America’s damn babysitter?? The ignorance and stupidity shown by these voters absolutely infuriates me to no end!

  • David Zweig

    Sadly, this article ust proves that people who “know a thing or two about animation” (and apparently not much more than that) are just as clueless as the rest of the oscar voters.

    It’s pretty simple, folks: Vote for each film based on its merits (keep it to storytelling, design and direction if you want to make it easy) after watching all of them, or don’t vote at all.

  • mariomguy

    Spirited Away was also made this century. Spirited Away is much better than Frozen… like, objectively better, in every way.

    • Steve Brandon

      I know SPIRITED AWAY was made this century but it falls firmly in the category of “universally beloved films I just can’t get into”.

      I prefer late 1980s Miyazaki films, especially KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE and MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO.

  • Axolotl

    Eh. Award shows are for children.

  • Beamish Kinowerks

    I do want to note that I was very pleased to see Jimmy Murakami in the “In Memoriam” section. The Academy often makes HUGE fuck-ups during that portion (Oshima Nagisa’s omission several years ago still pisses me off), but they did Mr. Murakami right.

  • socij

    It’s so sad. Do people not know how much goes into animation? These movies take years to make and every detail is hand made. From environments, to rigging, to concept, models, characters, story and so much more. I’d be so offended to be judged by people that wouldn’t even think about that. These films don’t just magically appear.

    • Mermaid Warrior

      I was just thinking the same thing. It’s downright insulting to nominate these films when they don’t even get watched by the voters. And it’s insulting to vote for such shallow reasons. I’m sure this makes me sound like a snob, but like you say, so much work goes into these films.

  • BlueBoomPony

    It’s rich people giving one another gold statues while women stand around in dresses that cost more than most people make in a year. The underlying voting is broken and nonsensical? Color me SHOCKED! Shocked, I say!

    Seriously, stop caring about nonsense like this and all the stress goes away. Add in politics and sentimentality, the whole thing is a useless exercise in industry masturbation.

  • Acktualli Dany

    Good God, this is so frustrating! How can an oscar voter not see all the films -or even any! The oscar prizes are just lies now, because if the voters vote what they want to see (whIch is an American movie that portrays American values -for kids) Disney or Pixar movies will always win, as long as one of them is nominated for the Oscar.
    I don’t even know why I hoped the Tale of Princess Kaguya to win, now that I’ve read the judges’ comments.

  • parkbunnie

    “I suspect that Guardians of the Galaxy had the least amount of visual effects”

  • Mermaid Warrior

    Reading their reasoning reminds me of how, in second grade, the teachers handed out ballots so we could vote for who we wanted to be President. I didn’t know anything about either candidate, so I picked George Bush because I liked plants.

    The point I’m trying to make is, they’re voting with child logic.

  • white vader

    Of course not. But then there were heaps of people that actually thought that movie was “just another Disney Princess movie” when actually it used that template to then undermine it and say something much deeper. Not that I’m going to dump on Ralph though. I liked that too.

  • Ben

    Most seem to conform to the classic “Animation is for kids” stereotype and thus vote that way, not even considering the more serious non-family targeted films for best feature. Big Hero 6 was great but besides it’s aesthetic was a bit too paint by the numbers kids movie for me. I really preferred the other films in the category. Even How to Train Your Dragon 2 went places most family movies never go.

  • Carissa

    What the ell was that comment about The ChubbChubbs winning? I actually liked that short and thought it was incredibly funny. Plus it wasn’t made by Disney it was made by Sony. Honestly cbrew, why would you diss a short like that??

  • JoshActionReplay

    True, tbh I’m still disappointed Lego Movie or Book of Life weren’t in the running as those two movies were a whole lot of fun. Would’ve liked to have seen those films get some love from the old codgers at the academy.

  • Marcos

    Disney is stuck in their formula of making movies.
    If you want something fresh and creative you have to look for Dreamworks or Laika, the only studios in United States making difference, or looking outside, like Europe (France) or Japan, that are still making amazing animation. Princess Kaguya, and Song of the sea is an example. Look in the past, why Frozen win over Ernest and Celestine or Kaze Tachinu?
    Are they blind?
    Lego movie? What? At last at they minimum sanity they didn’t nominee Lego movie.
    But believe, this mass cultural perspective so poor, will put out the value of great animation, and soon or later you will see movies like Lego movie win an Oscar.
    They are preparing people for this.
    I feel sorry for the ones that are struggling for making great movies, using this great art form.

    I personally don’t care about the Oscars.
    It is a shame…

  • Marcos

    Big Hero 6 for sure is a great animation film. Great technical achievement in computer animated movies no doubt.
    But why it fails?
    For me this short japanese promo answer: Watch the video in the link below

    I first watch it, and for me is better than the movie, because, this short reach his goal, human heart, the strong connection beetween Hiro and Baymax, that the movie lack.

    • Michelle

      I agree, this promo is 1000 times better than the film, bh6 to me is one the biggest dissapointments of 2014. It’s one of the rare ocassions where the trailers are better than the actual movie, well the japaneese trailers that is. This movie lacked the excution of the story. We didn’t get to know Tadashi well, so his death didn’t really have that big of an effect. The relationship between Hiro and Baymax really just confirmed that Disney is pretty annoyed about how successful httyd was, so they went out and tired having a go, but ultimatly gave us too many similarities between the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless, and Hiro and Baymax.

  • Math

    These movies were made for kids, so it’s totally reasonable for them to take into account which movies connected with kids more. We should be complaining about the fact that there aren’t better animated films in Hollywood. Instead of getting pissed off that the Academy does not PRETEND that these kids movies aren’t made for kids.

    • Magenta White

      These films are for families, not only kids. The people who gave positive reviews were adults, and it was adults to create the category of “Best Animated Feature” in the Oscars. I’ll admit that children may be most of the viewers, but that doesn’t mean that these animated films are ultimately for only children and can’t be enjoyed by adults. Everyone’s complaining that these “voters” didn’t seem to have any respect for animation, and vote by only how their children liked it, thus calling them “kids’ films,” basically.

  • Olegh Rozman

    Academy award lost my last respect.. Its fucking disgusting..
    “Bighero6”?! Are you serios?! Did they lost souls, hearts and brains?!

    • Dusty Ayres

      It was one of the best of the year, and it was also quite well-known to everybody, unlike the Japanese and Chinese movies mentioned.

      Just sayin’.

      • Cappy

        Dusty, please tell me that was sarcasm.

        • Dusty Ayres

          No, it wasn’t. Also, for what it’s worth, Big Hero 6 made $70M in Japan vs Kaguya at 22M so it’s not simply a cultural thing.

          • someguy

            Big Hero 6 is a good film and it was really popular in Japan. I don’t think the winner of the award should be necessarily the most popular, however.

            You mentioned above that you wonder if Song of the Sea, an Irish film, or Princess Kaguya will be remembered at all in time to come. I certainly hope so, but it’s interesting to keep in mind what has been forgotten. Films and novels that were wildly popular in their heyday often forgotten, and lesser known works become canonized. I can only hope that this will happen for these films.

          • Dusty Ayres

            For that to happen, these films would have to be popular enough to attract a crowd years after their release, and there’s no guarantee that the films will do so (most of the indie films from the past few years aren’t as fondly remembered as many of the mainstream ones, you’ll notice.) Sadly, sometimes a niche thing is just a niche thing. Of course, I could be proven wrong, and we’ll see if that’s so, but yeah, usually that’s they way things are.

            For this to change in the USA, what animation can be has to be expanded beyond the subject matter shown in most movies, but that will take time and a lot of work to accomplish.

  • Voter #5 is an ass.

    • Dusty Ayres

      Remember to breathe, and don’t stress yourself over this, or you’ll get a heart attack.

      Just sayin’.

  • Mil f

    No is not the same conclusion the Annie award went to How to Train Your Dragon 2 for best picture in fact it won 6 awards of the 10 nominated

    • Klyph14

      I was referring to what the voters in the article were voting for not the results of the actual ceremony. Which had not occured when I wrote that. Oh and Feast won the Annie for short as well.

  • CaniMayoris

    no wonder frozen won last year…..
    that movie wasn’t even great.

  • Why is it not surprising. People on the academy vote in a manner no different then the average person filling out a preference ballot.

    No critical thought is given to the content as a whole.

    Mind to be fair animated films don’t get proper recognition at the awards. They are almost like a side catergory. Since if you were going to actually give them any proper credit there would be several awards dedicated specifically to animation.

    The over arching awards would be the Best Animated Feature Film award and Best Animated Short. For overall product, and how well all the parts of the film work together (animation style, soundtrack, voice acting and story). For each format of course.

    Then they’d have an award simply for Best Animation. As an award for painstaking detail, fluid animation, visual style, ect. Since clearly even if the story may be weak in a film, the animation could be an incredible feat all on it’s own (just like how you have awards for best special effects). I mean this year was filled with some incredibly feats of animation. The Lego Movie, and Boxtrolls for example. Princess Kaguya was especially beautiful as well. Not to mention this catergory could include both short and feature length films since animation style and proficiency can be displayed regardless of length.

    There’s also potential for Best Voice Actor award. Since a performance based on voice alone requires a different finesse from on screen acting.

    In the end though I just feel like the Animation award at this point in time tends to be pointless. 95% of the time it goes to Disney. Whether it be through Disney or now it’s own 3D film studio. If it continues it’s basically going to be a pointless throw away category.

  • Felix Concepcion

    Many people are just to ignorant to accept an animated film that does not have a singing princess or an antromorphic mascot. Especially if said movie does not have Disney or Pixar on the them. They should allow those who truly take animation seriously to vote and choose the Oscar winner and nominies. I am glad that my suspicions are correct in how ignorant the voters treat the animation category.

  • Carla B

    NOT true. Pixar was successfully on its own before it was part of Disney. It surpassed Disney for quality and in my opinion is the ONLY reason Disney is surviving.

  • Silja3208

    Guys… this sounds made up… None of you realize that Interstallar won for best visual effects? How could it win when they apparently all voted for Guardians of the Galaxy or Planet of the Apes?
    Is there something I’m missing here?

    • Chris

      Yes, you’re missing the part where this is a very small sample – seven out of thousands of voters.

      • Silja3208

        Yeah I found out shortly after that. I am no longer ignorant. XD

  • Beatriz Mendoza

    How can some that say, “I abstain” have the audacity to consider themselves voters? I cannot understand the sheer ignorance of some of these voters; no wonder some of these nominees don’t get fair consideration because of their lame excuses for not getting around to watch the films and especially one voter that based his vote because his kid liked a certain film; you’re the one who’s supposed to vote, not your kid! It amazes me how clueless these voters are about animation; its pathetic!!

  • Beatriz Mendoza

    Lame excuses for voters; can’t believe how stupid they are!

  • Beatriz Mendoza

    Yes, they did the same thing with “Frozen”, which was Disney’s as well; Some of these voters decided to lazily go with Big Hero 6″ because Disney was the only industry they were familiar with, which wasn’t fair to the other just as deserving’s nominees!

  • Nate

    I don’t know, some of these are incredibly ignorant, however there are a few that seem genuine. I feel like this article is creating a bias (perhaps aptly so seeing the website it’s being written on) by not also having the same level of transparency for the reviews in all the other shows/categories.

    I am not defending the reviews that are painfully ignorant to be considered a real critique. I’m just wondering if the same amount of ignorance is also applied to the other nominated shows.

  • DarthBacon

    All the animated movie directors should simply boycott this award. It’s disgusting to see Kaguya getting described like that.

  • Strong Enough

    ” I only watch the ones that my kid wants to see”

    my god smh

  • Zenstrive

    Animation = Children is wrong.
    Put those people in front of anything anime industry made in the last three years to add some adulthood into their brains!

  • U wot m8

    You know BH6 didn’t deserve a win when this was someones reaction….

    • Dusty Ayres

      And you know that he’s disappointed, how?

  • He works in sound. He not a film maker. He’s really like Joe-schmo.

  • I literally lost it at the “chinese f***ing thing” part. I loved Princess Kaguya, and that judge should be penalized for such a crap job!

  • SAD

    He was nominated for a sound Oscar. If you think the Academy knows nothing about animation, try being a sound guy. Ninety-five percent of the voters don’t have the slightest clue what sound editing and sound mixing are, what the difference is, or any clue about what criteria to judge it by other than loudness.

    That doesn’t excuse this moron for voting on stuff he has no clue about, but maybe his frustration over the fact that no one has any appreciation for what he does has left him jaded.

  • begemotgeroi

    You know what I’d love to see? Sand animation at the Oscars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cri7aQHRT7k

  • wasborncrazy

    Although Brave’s plot was to make girls think they don’t have to be princesses and the usual girl stereotype, Merida was seen at the end sewing the tapestry together.

    Merida basically started a war because she didn’t want to get married, turned her mother into a bear, said sorry and got everything she wanted.

    I’m not sure that’s the kind of message movies should be sending out to kids these days.

  • Paul

    I mean…Big Hero 6 wasn’t very good. And Brave…which I think is as bad as a bad student short film stretched to a feature won a few years ago. Clearly no one is watching animation at the Academy.

  • Kristine

    Why is it even allowed to vote if you haven’t seen all the movies? The oscars shouldn’t even be hyped because the voters are full of shit.

  • Fried

    “Is it legal to have opinions?”


  • Brendan

    These people will be dying in the next 15-20 years…so at least there’s that…

    • Dusty Ayres

      How will their dying change anything? They’d have to be otaku or fans of animation in general for the result you want to have happen.

      • Brendan

        Because, for example, my parents generation of baby boomers don’t see animated features as something other than a child’s diversion. It’s their prejudice. But people my age(30) will then be those in the position of greatest power for voting. We grew up in a period where we understand animation can be more than just “For the kids”

  • truteal

    Most Animated Films (or at least, the popular ones) are usually for
    children, the Oscar Judges (unless they have children) don’t want to
    watch children’s films. Since the Mouse House/Luxo has “tenure” they’ll
    usually vote for their film.

  • Dusty Ayres

    I hate to say this, but the death of the Saturday morning blocks on the major U.S.networks may help out animation in the future by not creating yet more generations of people that think animation is only for kids.

    I’d also say that having many of the studios (Disney included) collapse, leaving us with only studios that make artistic projects would be good too, but that might be too much.

    • Cappy

      I disagree. I think we need more animation blocks, but more animations with mature themes. Imagine if everything airing on television was on the maturity level of Teen Titans and Avatar: the Last Airbender.

  • Dusty Ayres

    The question for all of you here is, will the Chinese movie or the Japanese movie that you all love over Big Hero 6 be that well regarded in years to come? Or even remembered? Unless both were given a wide release, and were shown on TV a lot, or widely promoted, I don’t think that what you want will happen.

    Honestly, this all sounds to me like a big ‘I hate Big Hero 6 circle jerk more than anything else.

    • mechasus

      This has nothing to do with BH6. This has nothing to do with hating or loving a certain movie. The problem here goes beyond this category and expands to others. I have no problem with BH6 winning, but the criteria on which these people state that their choices were informed by shows that these people are out of touch and not qualified to make these choices. Seriously, what kind of person tasked with voting for movies on their merits picks one because there’s a dog in it? Who picks a movie they haven’t seen? Your response greatly misses the point.

  • Dusty Ayres

    One honest question; how may people in the USA in the industry (heck, how many in the country) even saw Princess Kaguya or Song of the Sea? That might explain why.

    At least many of them did abstain instead of making a choice.

    • Barty Jordan Androcles

      So you’re excusing racism of that degree just because not enough people watched those films?

      How is any of that okay?

      And yes, at least there’s that, but if they weren’t going to vote period, then why bother volunteering at all?!

      • Dusty Ayres

        The excuse is (and I don’t agree, see what I-in a previous identity-said in a similar article from last year) that they’re busy doing other things, mostly their jobs in the film industry that they have. To be fair, it is a legitimate excuse, though.

        • Cappy

          It starts with a change in people’s minds. My parents used to believe that only Pixar and Disney could make an animated film they could enjoy, but I have introduced them and my siblings to the world of Ghibli and anime, and they think it’s amazing.

          You have to give people a chance and help them open up to other cultures before they will do so.

          • Dusty Ayres

            Yes, but there’s still a chance that not everybody will like anime anyway. You have to be prepared for that possibility, and accept that your tastes in animation won’t be everybody’s tastes.

      • cetrata

        This. It doesnt matter if not everyone saw kaguya. It should be judged on its merits, not about how popular they are.

        Why not let critics vote in the academies? They probably have seen way more films than the members of the academy.

  • Mil f

    Yes each have their animators but is the same house. That is why you go to Disney Parks like Magic Kingdom and can see Merida as well as Rapunzel greeting you and walking around. You go to Hollywood Studios and see Cars , Mator. As much as you want to differentiate them. A win for Pixar since being bought by Disney is a win for Disney. They bought it 8 years ago, they own it. Is like saying Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios. Different Park both under Disney. The same

  • Mil f

    Yeah even if they don’t deserve it. Lets give them an award so everyone will be happy. It should not work that way but I guess it works that way. The award should be to the best. Which was HTTYD2 and it din’t go to HTTYD2

  • Paulo Garcia

    For the next oscar I suggest then to pick random hamsters, put different unrelated to the movies types of food on a button associated with each nominee, and wait for them to climb in some to pick the food pressing the button subsequently.

    I also believe hamsters can provide a better analysis instead of racial and cultural prejudice.

  • Cyberguy64

    Which would be a shame, because it’s still a really good movie.

  • Magenta White

    That thing with the “Chinese films” was insulting, and I don’t get why these people are on the Academy anyway. Idea: have the voters be able to prove they watched all of the nominations or have separate groups of members watch all of the films together.

    This doesn’t explain why Brave won over Wreck-It Ralph, though. Wreck-It Ralph was easily the more popular choice, so for that year anyway, I don’t think that Academy relied on the ratings from audiences. This is kind of similar to the incident with Frozen. I wanted Frozen to win, but at the very least, the other films could have had a chance (second choice: The Wind Rises).

    I don’t think Frozen and Big Hero 6 only won because “they”re Disney.” This is only two Oscars for “Best Aninated Feature” for Walt Disney Animation Studios.

    Instances Disney or Disney-Pixar lost:
    2001: Monsters Inc. (lost to Shrek)
    2002: Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planet (lost to Spirited Away)
    2006: Cars (lost to Happy Feet)
    (Cars 2 was never nominated)

  • cetrata

    Shrek and happy feet also won a long time ago. Today its always pixar or disney.

  • Estefanía Izaguirre

    I am no longer upset that neither HTTYD2 nor Princess Kaguya won. These ignorant morons’ opinion ain’t worth a thing. You’re going to cast your vote for an OSCAR based on your children’s opinion and box office alone?! Shame on you, you brainless imbecile. No wonder Frozen won last year.

  • Scorponox93

    “I didn’t get to see any of them”
    your job is to watch movies and rate them, you literally had one job! and you couldn’t do it!?
    well, at least those who didn’t do the only thing they had to abstained from voting.
    But still; “I only watched the ones my kids wanted to watch”.
    If you’re going to let your kids do your work, might as well let them do your finances too, don’t you think?

  • Dusty Ayres

    I’m not a circlejerker for Big Hero 6 at all (I have issues with the movie myself, as do other people) but I can accept reality when it’s staring me in the face, and not be so po-faced.

    Yes, I know that the Academy voters are full of it, which is why I proposed a different system last year under another cyber-alias. But at the same time, I have to make my pace with the decision, and go on.

    What gets me now is that back in 2009, or even before, Amid himself wasn’t a big fan of anime, and neither were a lot of people here on Cartoon Brew; what gives with the all-encompassing love now?

  • Dusty Ayres

    But they aren’t, because they realize that they have other things in life to concentrate on, as well as possible high blood pressure shooting up if they stay angry about it all of the time.

    As much as you and I hate the system, unless we (actually not I-I’m just an ordinary guy who watches movies and is not an animator, but just a fan) can become Academy voters, all that can be done is not to bother with the Oscars any more.

  • Animated_Fan

    I would like to know why animated films today cost so much to make.
    Example “Toy Story 3” $200 million. What could cost that much? The money is not going to the animators.