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Warner Archive Is Releasing A Swine Collection Of Classic Cartoons

Warner Archive is releasing every single black-and-white Porky Pig cartoon ever made in a five-disc dvd set.

Anyone who is familiar with collecting dvds of classic cartoons will immediately recognize the uniqueness of this release. Warner Bros. has never released a comprehensive collection of the work produced by its legendary animation division. Certainly, many of the Porky shorts on this collection have never been released on any home video format.

Porky Pig.

The collection will include 101 theatrical shorts (99 black-&-white Porkys and two Technicolor Porkys), spanning chronologically from the stuttering pig’s debut appearance in Friz Freleng’s I Haven’t Got a Hat in 1935 through Frank Tashlin’s Porky Pig’s Feat in 1943. A number of the shorts will be accompanied by audio commentaries from animation historians including Greg Ford, Jerry Beck, Michael Barrier, and Mark Kausler.

Nearly every Warner directing great had a hand in the development of the character: besides Freleng and Tashlin, the work of other directors like Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, and Chuck Jones is also represented on this set. To watch these shorts chronologically is to understand the framework of American cartoon animation — a tradition that even to this day draws heavily upon the visual innovations of these visionary artists.

Porky Pig.

The set set can be pre-ordered from WBShop.com for $48, and arrives on September 19.

Porky Pig. Porky Pig. Porky Pig.
  • isaackelley

    Wait, DVD only, no blu ray??

    • Peter Zhuravlev

      Have no sense in blu-ray in this case…

      • minkiu

        It has plenty of sense, what is now a “in this 5-disc” set (23.5GB, assuming the 5 of them are topped up), could be only one box and one disc of Blu-Ray (25GB).

        • Martin Cohen

          Not if the Blu-Ray were higher resolution.

          • minkiu

            DVD and Blu-Ray are storage formats, so it doesn’t matter the resolution of the actual video, you can have 20×20 pixel videos in a Blu-ray, you could have far more than you could fit in a DVD, just because its Blu-Ray doesn’t mean the video has to be 1080p.

            Its like saying you rather carrying around 5 pendrives of 4gb instead of getting one of 32gb.

            If they were to have a higher resolution footage (which it doesn’t seem the case) they would actually be forced to use Blu-ray unless they wanted to try and sell a bundle of 10+ DVDs.

  • Jack Rabbit

    This’ll be good……

  • Gagaman

    Is this only going to be available on the WB store? I hope there is a way to import this over to the UK because I have a mighty need for this collection.

  • AmidAmidi

    Comprehensive is accurate. They made a thousand or so shorts, and no collection has ever come close to containing all that output, or even comprehensively documenting a single major character like Porky. This set is unique.

  • Metlow Rovenstein

    I have a feeling that WB thinks the audience is too small for a Porky Pig Blu-ray. Hopefully, the DVDs can sell enough that WB may consider a Blu-ray version.

    • Mesterius

      Actually – and sadly – the real reason there is no Blu-ray of this set is that they haven’t remastered all the cartoons in high definition. Jerry Beck talked about this on the latest episode of Stu’s Show. Here’s a summary posted on the Intanibase forums by the user PopKorn Kat (http://www.intanibase.com/forum/posts/m20864-Jerry-Beck-on-Stu-s-Show-8-16-17#post20864):

      “Beck says that the reason there is no Blu-Ray is that “George” has a standard of excellence when it comes to the rest of their cartoon sets. There was no way they could restore the cartoons, and the ones that are restored (like the ones that are on the Golden Collections) are on there that way. The Warner titles will be intact, though. They’re not transferring from the negatives.”

      • Dave Physical Graffiti We

        do the film prints no longer exist?

  • Nathan Wade

    DVD or Blu-Ray… I’m buying it! I don’t care what format!

  • Glowworm

    I’m going to be completely honest here. This is great for animation fans–but I feel like this is geared towards a very specific group of fans.
    As a child growing up in the 90s, Nickelodeon used to show colorized versions of Porky Pig shorts ad nauseum. While some of these shorts were awesome such as “Porky Pig’s Feat” “Porky’s Pooch” and “Polar Pals” there were other shorts that were absolutely awful IMO such as “Porky’s Midnight Matinee” or “Porky the Giant Killer.” This set is not geared towards me, but I know it will make others very happy.

  • Joanne Furstman

    This is Fantastic I am so Happy that they are Releasing the Complete Collection of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies WB cartoon Uncut and Uncensored on DVD through the Warner Archives.