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“John Carter” Animator Shares An Insightful Reel of Work

I still haven’t seen Andrew Stanton’s John Carter, but that didn’t lessen (and perhaps enhanced) my enjoyment of this nifty character animation reel put together by Emanuele Pavarotti, who worked on the film at Double Negative. Pavarotti has organized the reel nicely to give a sense of how his scenes progressed from video reference to blocking to final animation, and finally, FX/cloth/compositing passes. He even drops in comments throughout the reel to explain how certain shots evolved. Emanuele has recently been working at Blue Sky Studios on Epic and the forthcoming Rio 2.

  • Hankenshift

    That reel is better is more entertaining than the entirety of the john carter thing.

  • Barbara

    There was another video by a john carter animator posted a while back that was similarly fascinating: it’s really amazing to see the subtlety and nuance 3D animators are able to pull off, especially with the added challenge of character animating right up against live actors..

  • Emanuele

    Thank you very much Cartoon Brew and readers, I’m really glad you liked the reel!

    Unfortunately I’ve been ask to make the video password protected for copyright reasons.

    Please, feel free to message me at ’emanuele dot pavarotti at gmail dot com’ if you still want to see the reel, and I’ll give you private access.

    Barbara, I love Patrick’s reel. I worked with Patrick in Dneg and we still work together in Blue Sky :)

  • Jim Lahue

    Unfortunately, the video is showing up as a “private video” that requires a password.

  • Chris

    The video seems to be password protected…

  • Tim Elliot

    The author, Emanuele Pavarotti, tweeted the password for his video here:

  • zac leck

    He’s got the password listed on his website too.