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Netflix Adds More Animated Series: ‘The Knights of Sidonia,’ ‘Ever After High,’ and ‘Dinotrux’

Netflix’s slate of original animated programming continues to grow with the recent announcements of three new series: The Knights of Sidonia, Ever After High and Dinotrux.

In The Knights of Sidonia, the site’s first original anime series, genetically modified mech pilots fight to protect the last of humankind from shapeshifting aliens. Based on the manga of the same name by Tsutomu Nihei, it is touted as a Netflix “Original,” despite the fact that the first season of the series, produced by Polygon Pictures and directed by Kobun Shizuno, aired in Japan last April. Both dubbed and subtitled versions of the first season’s 12 episodes have been available exclusively on Netflix since July 4.

Ever After High is a glossy, sartorial reimagining of classic fairy tales that follows the teenage mini-dramas of the sons and daughters of timeless characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the Mad Hatter. Based on Mattel’s fashion doll franchise, 12 episodes of the new animated series will debut in 2015, with an original film premiere titled Ever After High Spring Unsprung. Netflix currently streams a handful of Ever After High short form animated episodes, created by Mattel’s Playground Productions.

Dinotrux, which will also debut in 2015, is an adaptation of the children’s books by Chris Gall. It features prehistoric construction vehicles like Tyrannosaurus Trux, Tow-a-constrictors and Reptool as they defend their world from the most dangerous Dinotrux of them all, D-Strux. Dinotrux is part of the original programming deal between Dreamworks and Netflix, and among the few announced projects that is not based on an existing Dreamworks film property.

  • Gustavo Dinosaurio

    I liked knights of sidonia, but I found its frame rate rather distracting. I am a traditional animation enthusiast, but I am not familiar with the CGI animation process… could someone please explain to me how does it work? Does an animator have to animate every single frame or is it possible to “generate” in-betweens with some sort of automatic interpolation? Thanks.

    • Joddy T

      Inbetweens are usually generated, but the limited frame rate like that show combined with the cel shading seem more like a stylistic choice as opposed to a practical one, to make the show look more like 2d animation, in theory.

      • popyea

        It certainly looks better than having everything interpolated. But the 3D itself lacks pretty hard compared to good 2D. Otherwise it has a similar level of lifelessness to poor 2D anime.

  • OdysseyTag

    Really enjoy watching Ever After High. Mattel did a good job with the animation and character design. Been following since its first webisode and it’s definitely something young girls and female teens would enjoy.

    • James Stanley

      Why another high school setting though? they did that with monsters already.

      • OdysseyTag

        Yip, it probably has to do with their target audience no doubt. The show’s number one priority is to promote the dolls so they probably think of the webisodes as a tie-in to the doll line – a little entertainment for the consumers and for them to build up their fan base. It’s also to make sure that consumers can establish the link between Monster High and Ever After High I guess.

        • Anonymous

          There actually is a link. One of the characters (C.A. Cupid) appears in both franchises.

          • OdysseyTag

            Absolutely, I am aware and also think she fits in quite well in EAH – waiting to see her appear in more episodes I must say.

  • BlueBoomPony

    Sidonia was interesting, but it feels like the translation was off in parts. Character designs could have been a bit more distinct as well. I lost track of who was who for a bit early on. Even just some different hair colors would have helped. Felt like I had prosopagnosia until episode five. :)

  • Alex Dudley

    Been watching Ever After High online, and I’m pretty impressed with the Flash animation. Did some research and found out It’s done over at Guru Studios in Ontario. Glad the episodes will be in a longer format.

  • Vince Vazquez

    Knights of Sidonia reminds me visually of Disney XD’s Tron cartoon. Tron: Resistance or something? It has the same kind of thing where it’s entirely CGI with 3D cel-shaded models, but they eff up the frame rate on purpose to make it look more hand-drawn. Is there a word for that style?

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      No, it’s Tron: Uprising.

  • Ben

    Am I the only one that gets dissapointed everytime they remember that Knights of Sidonia has nothing to do with the futuristing cyber cowboy hologram filmclip for Knights of Cydonia by muse?

  • Knights of Sidionia looks pretty cool, though I can’t say much since I don’t speak Japanese and prefer subtitles on my trailers so I can have a basic idea of what the characters are saying since there isn’t much of a context. Ever After High may have started as a glorified toy commercial, but it looks great and I’m interested to see what they do with it. (Not to mention my inner ten-year old girl is screaming with pleasure). Since there isn’t much out yet on Dinotrux, I’m not going to put an opinion out there yet.