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DreamWorks Animation Bets That AwesomenessTV Will Deliver Awesomeness

Earlier this month, it was announced that DreamWorks Animation had purchased the YouTube channel AwesomenessTV for $33 million in cash. Factoring in earnings and performance targets, the sale has the potential to attain $117 million in profits.

An online aggregrator-network aimed at young male entertainment consumers, AwesomenessTV was founded as collaboration between TV producer Brian Robbins (Smallville), United Talent Agency and law firm Ziffren Brittenham. According to the May 1st press release, it “has already signed up over 55,000 channels, aggregating over 14 million subscribers and 800 million video views.”

“Awesomeness TV is one of the fastest growing content channels on the Internet today and our acquisition of this groundbreaking venture will bring incredible momentum to our digital strategy,” said DreamWorks head Jeffrey Katzenberg. “Brian Robbins has an extraordinary track record in creating family content both for traditional and new platforms and his expertise in the TV arena will be invaluable as we grow our presence in that space.”

Under the new partnership, the network has already announced a new channel called AwesomenessX, that will offer “original sports, gaming, comedy, pranks and lifestyle content” targeted toward males in their teens and 20s. Robbins, who has stayed on to run the company, has also been rewarded with an executive position at DreamWorks to develop a DreamWorks Animation-branded family channel.

AwesomenessX will pick up some AwesomenessTV faves like The City – Basketball, Sk8 Spotterz, That Was Awesome and How To Be Awesome as well as launch a new series around Winter X-Games gold medalist David Wise and videos of choice game moves and swimsuit model photo shoots. Shows like Frank the Dog, Baby Gaga and Fingerlings – which provide pop and web culture commentary from a dog, a baby and finger puppets, respectively – will also be featured.

“[AwesomenessX] will attract some girls as well,” Robbins added.

  • Uberman5000

    The offline world continues to vastly overestimate how much Internet entertainment is genuinely worth.

    • trn

      i think you underestimate how much advertising costs

    • or maybe you continue to underestimate it. after all you just engaged in an internet based conversation. You probably viewed some ads while on here. And unless you are a crazy multi-tasker i doubt you were watching a commercial on tv while writing your comment.

      The offline world realizes the internet, as well as social media are now becoming major factors in distributing content and connecting with audiences…Since those audiences are spending more time on internet based devices than in front of a tv.

      And can you fault dreamworks for trying to expand beyond their family feature films niche that they are wearing out.

    • rufus3698

      The internet, or in particular youtube is what black and white TV was in the 50s. When internet bandwidth can support instant 1080P download of product there will effectively be no difference between cable tv and the entertainment internet. In between those two technology states there’s still a lot of money to be made.

  • christy

    “groundbreaking”. such crap content but its really all about the numbers. gross.

  • Eh, looks like anyone of the typical mainstream non original (go along with whatever’s popular) content pumpers that annoyingly get their videos thrown all over the front page of Youtube, which are only in that state because either they managed to cheat their way to the top (via misleading titles and thumbnails) or, as in this case, people with Hollywood connections are behind it. To me, the only potentially good things that come out of these types of things is when they open up to serious indie people in whatever and give them a viable alternative to distribute their stuff with an audience. Of coarse now, corporate Dreamworks has bought it, thus screwing up any hope that had.

  • They spent that much money on a flippin YOUTUBE channel? But they couldn’t pay the animators they laid off money to make..y know..MOVIES?

  • I just hope Dreamworks invests in creating original IPs or seek content providers outside the studio.
    Also do some 2D online cartoons of quality.

  • Pedro

    Things to remember…
    Disney owns the word “Dream”
    DreamWorks owns the word “Awesome”

  • z-k

    Sensing another DW write-down this coming year. The upside being the lay offs will land on kids making webcam videos in their bedrooms rather than studio animators.

  • Nik

    Isn’t the word “awesome” already a few years out-of-date? That’ll really get the kids in the door!

  • I really hope they won’t put previews of their boring sequels into the channel! And the channel isn’t that bad, well except when they throw mainstream teen-pop music into your face.

  • Jen Hurler

    Why did DreamWorks Animation do this and not just DreamWorks? I’m guessing this has to do with Katzenburg. Actually, I guess I can’t really be critical, since Walt Disney himself also began branching out into other mediums following animated films, such as television and the theme park..

    • Dex Bracewell

      Dreamworks Animation has been completely separate from Dreamworks SKG for a while so they wouldn’t do it anyway.