On Friday, a federal court unsealed over 2,000 pages of documents from a lawsuit by an accuser of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy pedophile who is said to have committed suicide in a Manhattan jail on Saturday. The lurid new revelations (read the documents here) identify many powerful men who were in Epstein’s social circle including the current U.S. president as well as a former U.S. president, and they also offer new details about an iconic animation figure who allegedly knew Epstein well enough to fly on his private plane: Matt Groening, 65, creator of Fox’s The Simpsons and Futurama and Netflix’s Disenchantment.

In the newly released documents, Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who claims to have been his “sex slave,” offers a detailed description of a “foot massage” that she claims to have been asked to give to Groening when she was sixteen years old on a one-hour flight from Carmel, California to Los Angeles. The details come from an unpublished manuscript Giuffre wrote called “The Billionaire’s Playboy Club.” Though she presented the manuscript to publishers as a fictionalized account (presumably for legal reasons), it was based on her real experiences, and Giuffre has spoken to the media about this same Groening foot massage incident as far back as 2011.

Here is Giuffre’s detailed version of what happened from her short story:

We went out the next afternoon as I had suggested last night and we ate our clam chowder breadbaskets over looking the wharf’s bay, watching the seals playfully barking at each other on the rocks nearby. Shortly after we were driven to the private airstrip and took off for Los Angeles. On the plane was an unexpected visitor. Matt Groening the producer of the The Simpson’s [sic] TV show was catching a ride with us. I was so excited, as I loved watching his show and acted like a star struck fan, asking him everything from his initial idea for creating the show to where he got his characters from. He told me it was all based on his own family make up, but without the crazy father and son scenes of Homers [sic] hand around Bart’s throat.

I was enjoying our conversation, when Jeffrey insisted that I give Matt a foot massage throughout the duration of the short flight. I never turned down a client but when I saw the shape of his feet, I nearly threw up at the thought of having to touch them. He had yellow crusty toenails that even someone with a chainsaw would’ve had troubles cutting through and then there was the fluffy balls of leftover pieces of sock wedged between the crevices of his sweaty toes, now that was the real icing on the cake for me, no way could I attempt this I thought. Then I had an idea. I went to the back of the plane and rinsed a wash cloth in warm soapy water and returned for his dreaded foot massage but not before attempting to clean them first.

In return for my services Matt was kind enough to draw me two quick sketches on blank paper from his briefcase of my two favorite characters, Homer and Bart. I asked if he would make them out to my little brother and dad, the true fans of the family not missing an episode during dinner over the past ten years or so. Next to the A-4 size drawing he was able to fit in the quote “To my greatest fan from Matt Groening” and their names next to it. I knew they’d absolutely love it, and it was such a nice gesture his feet were no longer an issue as I laughed it off and even made a joke to the comedian about getting a pedicure before hitting L.A.’s beaches.

The flight was only short and we arrived in busy L.A. within the hour, saying Good-Bye to Matt, who was a pleasure to meet.

At this point, it is not clear if this alleged massage is the extent of Groening’s interactions with Epstein. In a sworn affidavit, Juan P. Alessi, an employee at Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, Florida, says that he was asked earlier by an attorney about Groening, however his answer to that question remains behind sealed court records.

New documents allege that Matt Groening (left) flew on the personal plane of Jeffrey Epstein (right) and received a massage from a 16-year-old girl. (Groening photo: Gage Skidmore, used under CC BY-SA 3.0 license.)

Fox’s corporate communications did not respond to Cartoon Brew’s multiple requests for comment asking for clarifications about Groening’s association with Epstein.

The Simpsons was acquired by The Walt Disney Company as part of its recent purchase of 21st Century Fox assets.