A music video for the song “Hateful Goo” by The Manx, from their album Malibu Slime! (Viewing tip: For the full effect, adust your Youtube resolution to at least 1440p.)

Directed by Max Winston, USA, 2019.

Produced by Ratbat Studios
Directed by Max Winston
JR’s voice: Justin Roiland
The Manx is Tommy Meehan, Zach Zdziebko, Myke Chilian, Adam Barnes, and Max Winston
Neon Eye Signs made by Hannah Nance Partlow
Puppeteer: Madison Girifalco
Goo – Spirit: Denise Texiera-Pinto
Background Wiggler: Rich Zim
Sound and score: Tommy Meehan
Live-photos provided by Anthony Mehlhaff
Arcade amps built by Ben Page
Arcade amp art by Gregory Jacobsen, Skinner, Jon Vermilyea, Nick Edwards

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