“The video is dedicated to the lives of endangered bird species. Voices of such species as Gallinago, Willow ptarmigan, Strix, Cuckoo, and Radde’s warbler and many others are used in the song. The video consists of nine short stories in different styles.”

Music video for Ivan Dorn’s “Wild” from animation studio Petrick, Russia, 2019. Created for a campaign between World Wildlife Fund and audio streaming service Yandex Music to launch their non-profit music label Birds Records, devoted to music created from birdsong samples.

Client: BBDO Moscow, WWF, Yandex Music
Music producer: Suren Tomasyan
Mixing & mastering: Ivan Taiga
Creative idea & supervision: BBDO Moscow
Executive creative director: Alexey Fedorov
Copywriter: Petr Martyuk
Art director: Alexey Litovka
Producer: Meri Asatiani

Petrick Studio credits
Direction & script: Petrick
Art direction: Ruslana Mirzaalieva
Creative producer: Misha Petrick
Producers: Nadya Petrick, Polina Fufarova
Color script: Ruslana Mirzaalieva, Sergei Ryzhov
Character design: Ruslana Mirzaalieva, Denis Pisarev, Sergei Ryzhov, Roman Novak, Katya Mikheeva, Antonia Lev, Sasha Svirsky, Pasha Ho
Background design: Valery Zarytovsky, Roman Novak, Sergei Ryzhov, Pasha Ho, Oleg Kulinich
2d animation: Ilya Buzinov, Vladimir Orlov, Karina Pogorelova, Katya Mikheeva, Liza Kharchenko
Cleanup and Painting: Slava Kovalev, Kristina Poplavskaya, Inga Shafeeva, Valery Zarytovsky
3d modeling: Pasha Ho, Vladimir Orlov, Oleg Kulinich
3d animation: Pasha Ho, Oleg Kulinich, Ilya Buzinov
3d visualization: Pasha Ho, Oleg Kulinich
Compositing: Ruslana Mirzaalieva, Ilya Buzinov, Pasha Ho, Oleg Kulinich

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