The second season of CB Fest has reached its penultimate short with the online premiere of Change (Canada, 2017), an experimental piece that explores the ever-shifting nature of the universe.

Asteroids morph into wormholes, then evolve into tentacles in this film that playfully tweaks the viewer’s sense of time and space. A cluster of brilliant cg astral bodies dance across the screen as ethereal clicks and hi-hats rattle off in the distance. All of these elements come together to create a hypnotic depiction of the dynamic cosmos.

Director Jonny Ostrem started the project as a material exploration intended to push the limits and capabilities of viewport rendering and lighting, with the project using real-time rendering techniques to unfurl the depths of the universe.

Discover more of Ostrem’s work on his website. After watching the film, learn more about it below through our visual essay with comments from the director. And remember to help spread great independent animation by sharing Change on Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

"Change" by Jonny Ostrem.
"Change" by Jonny Ostrem."Change" by Jonny Ostrem."Change" by Jonny Ostrem.
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Danny Paez

Danny Paez

Danny Paez is a New York-based writer studying journalism and political science at New York University. He has been a contributing writer for CNBC and Milk Studios and hopes to one day become a foreign correspondent.

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