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CB Fest Premiere: ‘I Am Here’ by Eoin Duffy

Premiering today as part of the second season of CB Fest is I Am Here (Canada, 2016), an entrancing short that will lure you in with its vibrant geometric visuals just as quickly as it will fill you with existential dread.

Director Eoin Duffy tells the tale of an unnamed explorer that has journeyed across the universe in search of a higher meaning. It is there, at the edge of time and space, he comes to the crushing realization that what he set off to discover was never there.

Duffy, a graphic designer turned animator, combines his signature flat-vector style with glitch-twinged effects. The short is stitched together seamlessly with a spacey score by Menalon (Lodewijk Vos and Joseph Murray), far out sound design by John Black, and an evocative voiceover by Canadian actor Nicholas Campbell.

To learn more about Duffy’s work, visit his website. And help to spread the word about quality animated shorts on the internet – give I Am Here a share on Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

"I Am Here" by Eoin Duffy.
"I Am Here" by Eoin Duffy. "I Am Here" by Eoin Duffy. "I Am Here" by Eoin Duffy.
"I Am Here" by Eoin Duffy.

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