Pixelatl’s Ideatoon, an annual bootcamp and pitching program that supports Mexican and Latin American creators in the development of original animation ideas for the global market, is currently taking place in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Twenty-four projects have been selected to participate in the 2019 edition from a total of 341 submissions from 14 Latin American countries. The majority of the projects—19 of them—are from Mexico.

The three-day bootcamp helps creators develop the projects through one-on-one mentoring and group workshops, as well as networking opportunities that connect creators with studio production partners, networks, and distributors.

“In the six years that we have had this call, the balance is very positive,” said Pixelatl director and Ideatoon founder Jose Iñesta. “There are six animation series in production, and over 50 option deals, service contracts, and co-productions agreements for Mexican and Latin American animation studios, as a direct result of Ideatoon. Some series have already aired on tv or online, but we won’t rest until our youth can watch original content from Latin America.”

The selected projects for the 2019 Ideatoon Bootcamp are:

  • Collided by Carla Angélica Barragán and Alberto Beltrán (Mexico City)
  • Talbot’s House by Alán Ashuni García Osorio (Michoacán, Mexico)
  • Vera Ventura by Jess Aran, Macarena Zanet and Lucas Lombardi (Argentina)
  • Silver Keepers by Martina Massun (Argentina)
  • Loo & Loo by Luis Andrés Ramírez y Jonathan Freeman (State of Mexico)
  • All Aboard by Omar Sealtiel Escobar Enriquez (Jalisco, Mexico)
  • PJ Girl vs Dr. Suits by Miriam Masso, Bruna Skrzypek, Lívia Constante y Larissa de
    Lucca (Mexico City)
  • Inworld by Andrés Alberto Gómez Jiménez (State of Mexico)
  • A Thousand Whiskers by Jorge Estrada (Mexico City)
  • My Future Selves by José Joaquín Garin (Argentina)
  • Geonauts by Jesús Daniel E. Garcia, Felipe Moreno and Gloria Félix (Jalisco, Mexico)
  • Monky and Friends by Mariana Gallegos and Jorge Camps (Mexico City)
  • Phoebe Magical Newbie by Irais Guzmán y Marcos Vargas (Mexico City)
  • The Human Adventures of Bay and Dot by Mirelle Ortega Molina (Veracruz, Mexico)
  • Noisy nomads by Sebastian Ramirez and Diego Ramírez (Mexico City)
  • Batra by Fernanda Liedo, Monica Monsanto and César Larriva (Mexico City)
  • Sato by Adriana Somoza (Venezuela)
  • Lulo shines by Alberto Angel Pozos (Mexico City)
  • Together is Better by Jaime Álvarez and Sandra Castro (Peru)
  • Clara by Oscar Alejandro Trejo (Mexico City)
  • Is that a Dog? by Marisol Sandoval (Jalisco, Mexico)
  • Key Keepers by Cecilia Nuztas and Oscar Hernández (Jalisco, Mexico)
  • Annie and Matt by Alfredo Ponce and Eliely Silva (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Ambrosía by Alejandra Espinoza and Jorge Acevedo (Puebla, Mexico)
"Together is Better" by Jaime Álvarez and Sandra Castro is one of the projects participating in the Ideatoon Bootcamp.
“Together is Better” by Jaime Álvarez and Sandra Castro is one of the projects participating in the Ideatoon Bootcamp.

(Image at top: “Silver Keepers” by Martina Massun)

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