To launch the new year, Cartoon Brew is delighted to announce the return of our popular job listings service, covering employment opportunities in animation, vfx, and gaming studios.

Our job listings aren’t exactly a secret: in the last couple months, nearly 10,000 of you have already subscribed to our Cartoon Brew Jobs resource on Facebook. Now, we’ll be posting weekly links to those listings here on the site.

We’ve also learned a few things since the last time we had a job board on the site, so we’re trying a bit of a different approach. It seems that the one thing jobseekers don’t need is another unmoderated job board where anybody can post a job. That puts the burden on each individual jobseeker to research dozens of listings and try to figure out if the companies are legitimate. It eats up the jobseeker’s time, while legitimate employers have to compete for attention with unvetted, potentially dubious ventures.

Our solution: each of our listings is hand-picked. We want to to focus on promoting quality jobs from established companies that pay their artists on time. To ensure that the listings reach the widest audience possible and don’t become overwhelming to follow, we’ll be posting just one or two jobs per day on the Cartoon Brew Jobs page.

The response thus far has been most encouraging, with stronger engagement on our job listings than any other animation job resource on Facebook. We’ll continue to develop this platform over time with a simple goal in mind, helping to connect the best animation artists and the best animation companies.

Happy job hunting!

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