Oscar-nominated filmmaker and animator John Dilworth, best known for creating the Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog, is documenting the production process of his new independent animated short film, Howl If You Love Me.

Dilworth started a detailed Youtube journal in March, already in its 28th installment, in which he shares the latest developments with commentary.

Viewers get to see him draw on paper using his lightbox, and hear him explain step-by-step how the production is evolving from script and storyboard to layout and animation. It offers a unique insight into the creative process of an artist who regularly jumps back and forth between the world of commercial production and indie filmmaking.

Howl If You Love Me, as Dilworth describes it, is a romantic horror comedy about Jim whose girlfriend, Jane, is a werewolf. The drama emerges when Jane is put in danger and Jim is forced to make a decision that will transform his life.

“I’ve long been a fan of showing and sharing what I’ve come to learn and think about animation, and the animated life I live,” Dilworth told Cartoon Brew via email regarding his decision to bring outsiders into his process through these videos. “It excites me. I’m developing a relationship with the consciousness all over the world by sharing one of the things I love.”

After spending three years making his previous short film, Goose in High Heels, Dilworth decided he wanted to work on paper once again because working on a computer, or a machine as he refers to it, makes him feel physically unwell. “I wanted to give my body and perhaps my soul, a break and return to ‘organic’ tools, paper and pencil. Also, I love the graphite smudges on my fingers using a pencil and that smell! Oh, that smell!”

Dilworth intends to record the daily production experience until completion in order to share his discoveries and failings with those interested in his work. “Who knows what will happen. It’s a long journey completing a short film. I could have a heart attack during an in-between,” he said.

The animator believes technology should serve humanity rather than control it, so this comprehensive video journal is his way of using modern tools to communicate his interests with the hopes that it will inspire others.

Working independently, Dilworth is using his own resources to create the short, so he is accepting donations towards the films completion via his site StretchFilms.com.

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