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Dan Harmon’s upcoming Krapopolis is the highest-profile animated show yet to be curated on blockchain, and interested fans with money to burn can own a part of the series now that Fox Corporation’s Blockchain Creative Labs has released the first set of series-related NFTs, Krap Chickens.

What is Krapopolis? Krapopolis is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece, created by Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community). It follows a flawed family of humans, gods, and monsters trying their hardest to run one of the world’s first cities. Animation is provided by Fox subsidiary Bento Box, and the show will air a special preview episode on November 27 before its full series premiere on Fox in 2023. A brief promo (below) was shared at Comic Con.

How are NFT and Krapopolis related? The show is being billed as the entry point for Fox and producers Bento Box into the NFT business. Visual assets which may eventually appear in the show are being sold as NFTs, the first of which are the Krap Chickens. Blockchain Creative Labs, Fox Entertainment’s Web3 technology company, is overseeing NFT development, production, and sales.

Krap Chickens? Krap Chickens are NFTs whose artwork was illustrated by artists working on the show. As Krapopolis airs, elements from the NFTs will appear on screen. In total, 10,420 Krap Chickens will be minted.

A sillier and more vague description is available on the Krapopolis website:

Before currency was developed in 600 BCE, the Ancient Greeks had to use the barter system. Most goods that were bartered were edible, but perishable. You may not be able to eat this chicken, but you will be able to trade it for a lot more than a jar of olive oil. Buy a Krap Chicken to participate in the birth of civilization like never before.

Krap Chickens

How much do Krap Chickens cost? The NFTs were listed on sale to the public at .18 ETH, (around $340 at time of writing), although an early access list price was available for .15 ETH ($283.50) as well as a VIC (very important clucker) list price of .1 ETH ($189.00). Gas fees (mandatory blockchain transaction fees) are also assessed at the time of purchase. Krap Chickens are transferable and can be sold on secondary marketplaces such as Rarible and Opensea.

And how much are they really worth? Not much more than a jar of olive oil the way the market is heading. Since launching last week, resale value of Krap Chickens has dropped significantly on both OpenSea and Rarible, with most sales finishing at less than half the special VIC purchase price of .1 ETH, and very few approaching or surpassing the standard .18 ETH that a new Krap Chicken cost at launch. It will be interesting to track whether or not Krap Chicken value improves as the show gets closer to launch.

Are there other perks to owning a Krap Chicken? While the show is still airing, yes. According to the Krapopolis website, the inaugural Krap Chicken art elements will be prominently featured in the show where collectors can view the inspiration behind their NFTs’ attributes. Owners will be granted access to token gated content, private Discord channels, token gated merch, meet-and-greets, drops, giveaways, and will have voting rights on various in-show details. Additionally, the Krapopolis FAQ for Krap Chickens promises the NFTs will eventually start to “lay eggs” daily in the form of non-transferable NFTs. Additional details are said to be on the way regarding the “eggs.”

Where does my money go if I buy a Krap Chicken? At the moment, that’s not very clear. The Krapopolis website doesn’t indicate how funds raised through NFT auctions are being spent or saved, although in the show’s FAQ they do seem to imply that some of the money may be going to charity, without making any solid commitment to that end:

Blockchain Creative Labs and Krapopolis are proud to support The Humane League, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals, especially the smart, loving chickens.

What does Dan Harmon have to say about all this? Well, on the occasion of the NFT launch, the Krapopolis creator released a video in which he sounds as unsure as everyone else about how all this is going to work:

Hi it’s Dan Harmon the most trusted name in technology and finance. That’s why I have no furniture. Krap Chickens have just launched at Go get your Krap Chicken now. I think we’re all gonna get rich together. I think… I think that’s how this works. If it doesn’t work that way, don’t sue me. And if you do sue me, you’ll have to do it for Krap Chickens, because the American dollar is being phased out. … join me there won’t you?

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