Oddballs Oddballs

Netflix has dropped the trailer and unveiled the release date for its upcoming animated series Oddballs.

Announced in June, the series has been in the works at the streamer for the past two years and will premiere on October 7.

Series details:

  • Inspired by James Rallison’s Youtube channel TheOdd1sOut (18.1 million subscribers), the series is created by Rallison and Ethan Banville, who serve as executive producers alongside Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas, in partnership with Atomic Cartoons.
  • Synopsis: Oddballs follows James, a bubble-shaped boy, whose observations on life fuel his comedic rants at everyday annoyances and elevates them to laughably absurd heights. Along with his best friends Max (a talking crocodile) and Echo (a girl who claims to be from the future), James’ ridiculous schemes to question norms often result in disaster.
  • In our 2021 list of the 50 most-viewed indie animated shorts on YouTube, Rallison’s TheOdd1sOut appeared 14 times, occupying more than a quarter of the list.
  • When the series was first announced, Rallison explained the entire production had been executed from lockdown. “All the writing, storyboarding, designing, and voice acting has been done with little to no human interaction. I still have yet to work in an office. I just wanna lean against a water cooler and say things like, ‘Hey you see the game last night?’ Is that too much to ask?”
  • The show’s voice cast includes James Rallison, Julian Gant, Kimberly Brooks, Gary Anthony Williams, and Carl Faruolo.

Executive Producers: Carl Faruolo, Michael Zoumas and Atomic Cartoons’ Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Matthew Berkowitz and Aaron Behl
Supervising Producer: Sarah Soh

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