We’ve spent this week taking a look at Netflix’s mixed-media preschool series Ask the Storybots, the first long-form project produced by Jibjab, which celebrated its 17th anniversary last month.

Our deep-dive into the production kicked off with an interview with studio co-founder and show co-creator Evan Spiridellis, followed by exclusive behind-the-scenes videos about creating the show’s 2D animation and puppet sequences.

Today we conclude with two more behind-the-scenes videos. In the first, we get a look at how the cg versions of the Storybots characters were created. “Most of the pain was in figuring out production pipelines that were way more complicated than making any kind of two-minute short that we’ve done in the past,” Spiridellis told Cartoon Brew. The video includes comments from animation director Jeff Gill, production designer Nikolas Ilic, and animator Kendall Nelson:

The second clip explores the creation of the stop motion sun sequence from the episode “How Does Night Happen?” Stop motion animator Colin Lepper is featured in this video:

Ask the Storybots can be viewed on Netflix.