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As a storyboard artist, what are the biggest differences in working for a feature or TV production, and which type of production is preferable?

Veteran artist Toniko Pantoja took to his Youtube channel last week to discuss those differences, doing so in the typically concise manner that has made him an authority among animation Youtubers.

Apart from the more descriptive, nuts-and-bolts explanation of how storyboarding for film and TV work, he claims that more often than not it’s easier to find a comfortable work-life balance working on features.

He argues that the rigid schedules required for TV animation mean more nights and weekends spent working, while the more adaptive schedule structure of feature production means that those extra hours are required less frequently, normally only when deadlines are looming.

As is often the case, Pantoja broke this video down into parts, each dedicated to a specific point of contrast between TV and feature work. The video includes a breakdown of:

  • Format differences: A simplified breakdown of the broad differences between feature and TV animation.
  • Story Team Positions: A detailed mapping of what story artists teams often look like for both feature and TV animation productions, and their differences.
  • Storyboarding Style: A look at the differences in the level of detail required for storyboarding films and TV, and how close to the final product those storyboards end up.
  • Quota and Scheduling: A detailed breakdown of a typical timetable for production of both mediums.
  • Story Artist Expectations: A bullet-point list of what is expected from storyboard artists for both mediums.
  • Pitching and Presentation: Broad and anecdotal descriptions of how a storyboard artist is likely to pitch their work to a client for both film and TV.
  • Release: A discussion of how the length of production affects story artists.
  • Final Thoughts: Pantoja explains his own, subjective opinions on the differences in working for film or TV.
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Jamie Lang

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