“Cars 2” talkback

Variety loved it. Maltin hated it. What did you think? Me? I set the bar pretty low and wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I’d be. …


“Brave” characters

Interesting way to market the latest Pixar movie – by leaking posters, images and a trailer (coming soon) to the next Pixar film (a year …


“Silence” by Olivier Ballast

Four second-year students from the Netherlands Utrecht School of Arts, aka HKU, recently produced this haunting and heartfelt short film …


“Alight” by Jason Keyser

Effects animator Jason Keyser created this film at Brigham Young University “in about 2 semester’s worth of work, spread out over 3 years”.


“Cars” The Lost Episode?

Pixar’s Cars is preceded in animation history by such shorts as Warner Bros. Streamline Greta Green (1937), Tex Avery’s One Cabs Family …


“Brave” teaser poster

Say what you will about Cars 2 — Pixar’s 2012 release Brave looks hot. And this first teaser poster bodes well for the final results. …

Feature Film

“Henry Waltz” trailer

Here’s the visually intriguing trailer for Henry Waltz, a feature film in development by Emil Goodman, an animation director in Budapest, …


Jerry Eisenberg on Stu’s Show

Heads up on a fun, free-wheeling interview with Hanna-Barbera veteran animator Jerry Eisenberg. It’s being broadcast live today at 7pm …


Shorts by Patrick McHale

Patrick McHale is a writer/board artist at Cartoon Network (Adventure Time, Flapjack, etc.). He’s been creating some funny little shorts …

Bad Ideas

“Chop Kick Panda”?

Spotted at Best Buy this weekend: Chop Kick Panda. I have no idea what this is, but a clip on You Tube (embed below) doesn’t seem so bad …


Peter Bagge goes Daffy

I love this drawing (from 2003)! (Thanks Devlin, via Brian Hughes blog: Again With the Comics)


BIG NEWS: “Herman and Katnip” on DVD

Stop the presses, hold the phone: It’s greatest news since the invention of the Digital Video Disc itself! Unlike the post below, this is …

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