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"The Legend of Korra" "The Legend of Korra"

Is working in animation supposed to be fun?

Not according to Michael Woodside’s acquaintance. Woodside, a veteran Disney animator who was an animation supervisor on Frozen 2, shared this curious tip on Twitter. He took the chance to solicit other examples of bad animation advice:

People inside and outside the industry were quick to respond. The resulting discussion is a goldmine of interesting tips — after all, rejecting advice is a way of giving advice. It’s also a tribute to the diversity of artists out there: one person’s golden rule can be another’s red line. The one definitive tip we can take away from this: when it comes to doing animation, one size does not fit all.

We’ve collected some of the most striking and/or typical responses below…

Ashley Nichols, animator (Hazbin Hotel):

Geddy Kay, art director (unannounced series for Disney Jr.):

Trey Buongiorno, storyboard artist (Big Hero 6: The Series):

Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, story artist and designer (The Nine Lives of Claw):

Nikki A, illustrator and animator:

Jorge Gutierrez, director (The Book of Life):