Our Favorite Cartoon Brew Posts of 2013

The past 12 months have been one of the most exciting, transitional periods in Cartoon Brew’s nine-year history. Besides doing what we’ve always done—that is, writing about artists and films, and delivering up-to-the-minute and exclusive news and commentary—we also published more long-form pieces than ever before. Some loyal readers have preconceived ideas about the type of content that appears on Cartoon Brew, but below you’ll get a taste of the varied writing that could be found here throughout 2013–a mixture of animated culture think-pieces, eye-opening cartoon history, horizon-expanding educational posts, and straight-up silliness, all of which you won’t find on any other animation media outlet. With a growing roster of contributing writers and guest writers, it’s safe to say that we’re only getting started.

“Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI,” by Neil Emmett

“The Life of an Indian Visual Effects Artist,” by Bhaumik Mehta

“The Square Dance Art of Warner Bros. Director Chuck Jones,” by Amid Amidi

“What Every Animation Student Should Know About Title Sequence Design,” by Chappell Ellison

Walt: The Disney Biopic That Never Was,” by Mike Bonifer

“The Five Most Mentally Unstable Ladies of Venture Bros.,” by C. Edwards

“15 Reasons Why Frank Tashlin was Awesome,” by Amid Amidi

“The Secret History of Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” by Ross Anderson

The Milt Kahl Head Swaggle,” by Michael Ruocco

“How Can We Make Adult Animation Truly Adult?,” by Neil Emmett

“When Amsterdam Went UPA: Dutch Modern Cartoons in the 1950s,” by Jan-Willem de Vries

“Weird, Incredible Animation from Poland,” by Amid Amidi

Steven Universe Recaps: “Gem Glow,” “Laser Light Cannon,” “Cheeseburger Backpack,” “Together Breakfast,” “Frybo,” “Cat Fingers,” “Bubble Buddies,” by Kendra Beltran

“How Porter Airlines Bucks the Trend with an Animated Mascot,” by Chappell Ellison

“From Animation School to the Real World,” by Michael Ruocco

“The Disney Architecture Legacy of Michael Eisner,” by Chappell Ellison

“The Walt Disney Image Problem,” by Amid Amidi

“Turmoil in the Toy Box Revisited,” by Neil Emmett