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Anne Laval
Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Anne Laval

Anne Laval studied at École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. She illustrates picture books and other work using colored pencils, watercolor washes and printmaking techniques.

Cartoon Brew Pick

“Tussilago” by Jonas Odell

West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher was arrested on March 31, 1977. He was leading a group planning to kidnap politician Anna-Greta Leijon. A number of suspects were arrested in the days following. One of them was Kröcher’s ex-girlfriend, “A”. This is her story.


Walt Disney Wants to Sell You A Cadillac

After all of the recent Walt Disney mudslinging, it’s nice to see a positive mention of the man, even if that positivity happens to be in the form of a TV commercial trying to sell you a luxury automobile.


Pixar Makes Painterly CG: New Research Could Change The Look of Their Films

Last summer at SIGGRAPH, Pixar presented a paper offering some clues about one of the major new directions that CG feature animation is headed. The paper, “Stylizing Animation By Example,” explored how filmmakers could achieve more expressive rendering styles that disregard the perfect boundaries of computer graphics rendering and mimic traditional painting techniques.


Things That Didn’t Need to Be CG: Rosie the Robot [UPDATED]

A new series of Brazilian ads for Brilux cleaning supplies resurrects Hanna-Barbera’s Rosie the Robot in CG. The character is removed from her futuristic context on “The Jetsons” and dropped into a contemporary scene of Brazilian upper class domesticity.


Two Indie Walt Disney Biopics Due in 2014

Did Tom Hanks’ performance as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks wet your whistle for another depiction of Mr. Disney on the big screen? Then 2014 just might be your year, because two independent biopics are scheduled to be released later this year.

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