TV Paint version 11.7 TV Paint version 11.7

TVPaint is getting ready for a new update that will excite everyone who uses 2D animation software.

The update – version 11.7 – will launch later this summer, packed with new features and bug fixes. It also marks a new direction for TVPaint Animation 11, as its developers have placed an increased importance on productivity and quality of life changes.

What is TVPaint Animation?

TVPaint Animation is a raster-based 2D animation software, developed by TVPaint Développement in France.

The software allows users to produce animation which looks like it was made on paper but much more quickly than if they were using traditional methods thanks to high-performance and easy-to-use tools.

Since its first version launched in 1991, on the Amiga computer, TVPaint has continued to gain regular users and is now an industry-standard software used in 2D animation. It’s used by numerous studios and taught at many schools around the world.

TVPaint is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Licenses are a one-time purchase, and the company offers special discounts for students and teachers.

A Look At What’s New in 11.7

Export and Import with the TVPaint Converter

TVPaint Converter

With 11.7, TVPaint is introducing a new tool available for all users of the professional dongle-less edition of TVPaint 11.7: the TVPaint Converter.

This new application will allow users to export multiple TVPaint projects in different formats all at once while working in TVPaint Animation. The feature also allows users to convert video files into new TVPaint projects. The update is particularly useful for rotoscoping.

The TVPaint Converter will be a heavily-utilized feature for all users, but the company is especially confident that studios will find it helpful for improving and expediting their animation pipelines.

User-Friendly Features and Fixes

TVPaint User Friendly

Technology is evolving. Animators and students must adapt to new situations and, sometimes, smaller screens. With update 11.7’s more flexible software, users can work on any screen size that may be required of them as TVPaint has increased the number of screen scaling options. Similarly, handles are now larger on the timeline UI, making it easier to grab them when working on a smaller screen.

Opening TVPaint to New Uses: DPI Support and PDF Export


In TVPaint 11.7, users will be able to export drawings or any individual frame from their animation with a higher DPI ratio than in the past. With this improvement artists have more options to exploit their work such as printing individual frames or exporting their artwork to other supports.

To provide a real-world example, the TVPaint team used the new DPI settings to extract frames with higher resolution for the conception of the company’s booth at this year’s MIFA marketplace at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Short video tutorials regarding the update’s new features and the TVPaint Converter are on the way. They will release as part of TVPaint’s weekly #TVPaintTips series and be hosted across the company’s social media accounts.

What’s Next?

After it became possible to meet users face-to-face again, TVPaint received feedback during this year’s MIFA. The company listened to a multitude of suggestions from users.

An improved process allowing users to rehost their license from any computer is on its way. Big improvements and changes should come with the next version of TVPaint, which will be announced at a later date.

If the COVID 19 situation allows, the TVPaint team will be in North America in the fall – first in Canada, then in the U.S. for the Lightbox Expo and CTN.

TVPaint Animation Update 11.7 will be available later this summer. As usual, it will be available for free to all TVPaint 11 users.

Keep an eye out for the complete changelog of updates. It will be available on TVPaint’s social media accounts, inlcuding Facebook and Twitter, the company’s new website, as well as its forum.

Image at top: “Journey through Creativity” by Tévy Dubray/TVPaint Développement