Interview: Ralph Bakshi on the Animation Industry, Then & Now

Ralph Bakshi pulled himself away from his drawing desk in New Mexico to chat with Cartoon Brew about his legacy, his latest project “The Last Days of Coney Island,” which he recently funded on Kickstarter, and what he really thinks about the computer’s role in animation these days.

John K. Animated A Bizarre Milkshake-Making Machine

After a relatively quiet stretch, John Kricfalusi (“Ren & Stimpy”) is popping up everywhere nowadays: at the front “Simpsons” episodes, behind Miley Cyrus, and now, in your milkshake machine.

“Cartoons Kick Ass”

Somebody recently posted (in four parts) the entire British Channel 4 TV program Cartoons Kick Ass. This special was taped in 2000 and as …

New Adult Swim Bumpers from John K

John K. has several new pieces of animation coming up – bumpers for Adult Swim – that explore a more abstract style. I have no idea if …

Happy 20th Anniversary, Ren & Stimpy!

On this day, twenty years ago–August 11, 1991–Nickelodeon debuted The Ren and Stimpy Show, and animation hasn’t been the same ever …