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Last month, as part of Annecy’s online festival, senior artists from Cartoon Network gave a joint masterclass on what it means to be a storyboarder. One thing they agreed on: the people doing this work deserve more credit.

In that spirit, storyboarders are the theme of our latest Instagram spotlight. In some ways, the website’s format lends itself well to these artists, who are adept at presenting their work in series of frames. Many use their accounts to showcase comics drawn in their spare time, or doodles dashed off in an idle moment. Others reveal behind-the-scenes art from their films and shows.


Trevor Jimenez is the director of the Oscar-nominated short Weekends and the story supervisor on Pixar’s forthcoming Soul. His account includes (auctioned) artwork from Weekends and witty portraits of iconic characters from film and tv — see Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks below:

Alabaster Pizzo is an illustrator and comics artist who has worked as a background artist on Netflix’s Tuca & Bertie and as a storyboard artist on Cartoon Network’s Summer Camp Island. She featured in the Annecy masterclass, which we covered.

Allyson Gonzalez has storyboarded for shows including Syfy’s Magical Girl and Adult Swim’s The Jellies. Her account demonstrates her artistic range: delicate sketches of languorous women alternate with samples of her NSFW comics and zines.

Tiffany Ford has storyboarded for many Cartoon Network shows, including Steven Universe, Clarence, and We Bare Bears. Little snippets of autobiography come out in the comics, doodles, and delicate paintings she posts on her account.

Ari Castleton is a longtime storyboard artist, and more recently director, at Nickelodeon, where his credits include The Loud House. The sketches and comics he posts on his account reveal his flair for facial expressions in particular:

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