Reel Of The Week: Sergio López

In three shot progressions, Sergio López reveals how he animated the beloved Gallic characters in “Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion.”

10 Tips For Making A Quality Animation Demo Reel

Everyone knows that having a solid animation reel is essential for landing that dream job, but what are employers actually looking for when they review a reel?

Reel Of The Week: Aya Suzuki

In a little over a decade in the animation industry, Aya Suzuki has animated for a who’s who of A-list directors including Sylvain Chomet, Masaaki Yuasa, Wes Anderson, Satoshi Kon, and Mamoru Hosoda.

Reel of the Week: Claudio Gonzalez

Most readers know what a character animation, effects, or lighting reel looks like, but what about a cloth and hair reel?

Reel of the Week: Nick DenBoer

Although Nick DenBoer uses standard off-the-shelf software, he’s using the tools in pursuit of a comic vision that is infrequently seen in the vfx arena.

Reel of the Week: Mourad Seddiki

French animator Mourad Seddiki shares a reel of his work from the recent feature “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales.”

Reel Of The Week: John Turello

Sharp comic timing and clarity of staging and posing are distinguishing marks of this reel.